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Found 1 result

  1. I hate to even admire this guy publicly when my pal, VakAttack, has such an idolizing, man crush on DeSanto this year, it's like he is dissing his avatar...I don't want to make Vak mad, but.. ... But Spencer Lee is the man, and has the pace of his matches figured out to a tee. He shakes hands and basically lulls his opponents into thinking they might have a chance, he moves slow and almost timidly, he fends off a few weak attacks...(well they are weak to Spencer, but are about the best his opponents can muster). Then he counters one attack for a takedown and makes it almost look like his opponent slipped. His opponent feels like it was his mistake (which it was) and it won't happen again (it will). He still thinks he has a shot to win. Spencer gets them to relax and quit trying so hard, it reminds me of how a python waits until it's prey lets out a breath and then tightens the coils. That's about when Spencer Lee shifts gears. I like the analogy of the 1970 Plymouth Duster, that I had in high school, with the high compression 340 engine... ...when I raced that 351 Mach 1 Mustang with the spoiler, hood scoop, mag rims with big fat tires behind. (great looking, like a Penn State singlet) In a quarter mile race, the Mach 1 would jump to the lead, speed shift to 2nd with a chirp of burning rubber, then hit 3rd gear before I was out of 1st gear....I'd red line that 3-speed Duster at around 55 mph in first, the hit 2nd and blow by the Mach 1 on my way to 90mph before hitting 3rd gear (145mph). When Spencer shifts gears, same thing, he just blows away his competition with offensive points on his way to a quick tech fall.
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