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Things that could lead to you getting banned

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Several notes in case you're wondering what might get you banned/kicked from the board without the normal three strikes policy: These are reasons several people have been tossed since the new boards went live on February 1. People are wanting transparency, so here's the forum transparency.


Current ban count: 12


1. Trash talking high school kids and lower. If you're an adult, and you're taking pot shots at high school kids on a national message board, you really don't need to be posting.


2. Abusing the reporting system. If you find a post as a possible violation of rules, hit the report button. However, if you hit the report button 21 times on 21 different posts because you can't follow the forum rules and use the forum for retaliatory purposes, against another poster or the site itself, you're gonna have a short-lived tenure on the boards. If you try to make our lives miserable and take time away from our jobs by being a child on the boards, there's a quick way we solve that problem.


3. Consistent foul language. Sure, you might speak like that every day, but I don't speak like that every day on a board visited by kids and their parents. People have been given the normal three-strikes policy on this.


4. Advertising/posting inappropriate material (standard to what could be considered inappropriate, very liberal honestly) on the boards. Creating an account solely to do this.


5. Creating accounts solely to trash talk our athletes. If you come on here with the sole intention of posting negative material, it'll only be a matter of time before you're gone. Constructive criticism is absolutely fine, but when 8 out of 10 of your first posts use the word "suck," really, what was your motive for even signing up? Flame baiting with a new account is a sure way to have a short tenure on the boards.


6. Promoting an event is fine on the tournament information board. Promoting that event and using USA Wrestling (this is the USAW board) as a target for allegations, attacks and libelous claims with the same post/thread will get looked at. Groundless accusations to trash the organization on the organization's message board, not gonna happen. Again, constructive criticism, absolutely fine. Flame-baiting and nameless, faceless unfounded accusations and brazenly false lies are posted about this organization ON this organization's message board won't be allowed.


7. When responding to a warning and telling the moderator to "Go BLANK yourself." You don't get a second warning there. You can think it all you want, but when you say it and click send, that's a different story.

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