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UFC Fight Kit

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The UFC announced their new uniforms a couple days ago:



Apparently they can customize it as they wish, for instance, you can choose either compression or looser shorts, and you can even choose the length:



They're already cashing in, selling all the stuff in their store:



I can't help but wonder if the UWW will basically do the same thing with the new uniforms they're promising? I'll tell you one thing, if female wrestlers ditched the singlet and wore what Ronda Rousey wears, viewership would triple overnight.

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I doubt UFC will be cashing in on anything since the kits are terrible and all look identical. The champion kits also look like personal trainer uniforms. 


Anyway on topic the wrestling uniforms will probably just be compression shorts and compression top. I don't see many other options unless they want them to wrestle shirtless. UWW sent out a tweet like a week ago with a pic of them at Adidas headquarters working on the new uniform for wrestling. 

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