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Andy Long Everybodys All American Comeback Kid at Grandview

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Gents the stories out but I told you months ago Andy Long was up to the halfway house there got Jesus and all paid his debt to society registered up and all and cleaning up his act I did that same thing there in the joint toting around the good book chapter and verse got those old bags on the parole board got me off now Im the Voice of Wrestling you gents are like a reel family to me.




Gents we all got to get behind him stand up and cheer doff your caps to Andrew Long everybodys all american comeback kid sometimes it takes seven or 8 second chances to get it rite Andrew took a long swim up Whisky River gents got into some trouble there to Ames took out some cops when he was all drunked up then they tasered him up KJ took him under his wing hes fought his own battles and won KJ had a hart of gold helped him and his old man out getting him to some programs and helped out with them love children he was his cut man in his battle with the demon rum tell me and won of you guys aint been there and Ill call you a liar but then Kale come in Kale needed them points and Andrew couldnt live up to KJs rules and all so KJ and Pollered tossed him on a bus to Happy Valley stapled the ticket to his poncho and faxed the release to Kale and like they say a fresh start and got Kale his points and his first Ntl title think that dont stick in Cornells craw they was second and would won it if it was all on the up and up no Andrew but Kale dont take no prisoners not win it comes to his money and all gents.

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KJ, Cael and the current coach are all trying to help a kid who may yet turn out OK. I hope so.

With the legal labels on him now he doesn't have much leeway if he chooses to screw up.


Both KJ and Cael are to be admired for trying to help Long. Yes, Long helped their teams but both coaches spent time with him and tried to provide support. It is not their fault Long failed.


Sure hope he makes good this time and gets his life straightened out.

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