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Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin

Togrul Askerov returns!

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Azerbaijan announced for World Wrestling championship in Las Vegas, Nevada


57 kg: Makhir Amiraslanov

61 kg: Haji Aliyev

65 kg: Togrul Askerov

70 kg: Ruslan Dibirgadjiyev (Dagestab)

74 kg: Jabrayil Hasanov

86 kg: Magomedgadzhi Khatiyev (Dagestan)

97 kg: Khetag Gazymov (RNO-Ossetia)

125 kg: Jamaladdin Magomedov (Dagestan)


59 kg: Rovshan Bayramov

66 kg: Gasan Aliyev

71 kg: Rasul Chunayev (Dagestan)

75 kg: Elvin Mursaliyev

80 kg: Rafig Huseynov

85 kg: Saman Tahmasebi (ex-I.R.I wrestler)

98 kg: Orkhan NurIyev

130 kg:  Sabah Shariati 

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Is this the first World Championships Asgarov has competed in since the 2012 Olympics?


Yes, pretty surprising. Not sure he even tried to qualify for any of the previous ones. Does anyone know if he did try to make the team for any world championships since the olympics? 

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Obviously the % changes each year depending on the team. They won 4 gold in junior worlds. Weren't 3 of those gold medalists actually from Russia?  


It's a high amount regardless. It's pretty funny, Russia only had 1 gold medal in junior worlds and Azerbaijan had 4 because they had 3 Russians winning gold for them. 

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