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Current Wrestlers & Alumni Reaching out to Recruits on Social media

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Anyone know the rules on this? It is pretty obvious that certain programs make it a point to do this more than others.  


I just got a letter from my Alma Mater about this exact thing and they made it seem like this is a big no no.  


It seems almost impossible to monitor. You would have to have a huge set of rules for each platform. you would have to make it clear for things like, is a DM on Twitter or just including them on a tweet forbidden.


With this being almost impossible to monitor and punish it seems like this is something an aggressive recruiter could exploit. He could tell his current wrestlers & alumni to build relationships with recruits in a way almost impossible even 5 years ago.  

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In football, only those coaches that are actual coaches can contact recruits. If the recruit visits and you happen to have Joe Schmoe, former Heisman Trophy Winner there in your office and the recruit talks to him then I don't think this is technically a violation. If Joe Schmoe calls the kid direct then I think this is a violation. 


Fans and alumni calling recruits is an absolute violation. The craziest most rabid fans get around this by becoming "journalists" for one of the various web domains. They claim to be unbiased, but you'd have to have rocks in your head to not think they do whatever they can to help the cause. 


Some programs let the seedier "boosters" hang around and funnel cash to recruits. Football and basketball are replete with these people. Not sure how much of this goes on in wrestling. 


Alumni and fans reaching out to a recruit via FB or Twitter isn't allowed, but how could a coach stop it when they have no control over the actions of the fan? Following what a kid says on Twitter seems slightly "stalkerish" to me, contacting them directly this way seems even moreso. Anyone who does this really needs to re examine their fandom. 

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