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2016 Olympic Team and Worlds Comments

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No not necessarily. If I were picking for money I would say Snyder. I'm just saying that if anyone has a shot to beat him it will be Varner. It seems that there is always a favired wrestler who gets knocked off at a world / Olympic trial. Varner or Scott are the two most likely to knock off the current number one. I'm not putting Green in there because from my perspective him and Metcalf are number one guys. There isn't space for bother so only one #1 can go.

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57kg- Ramos. Colon will challenge, but ultimately Ramos wins. 

65kg- Metcalf. Green is too big to go here. It'll be interesting to see what Stieber can do after a year of focusing on freestyle. Oliver is always in the wings but its seems Metcalf has an edge on him at this point. Pico seems to be growing out of this weight class. At any rate, he hasn't shown he's at Metcalf's level.


74kg- JB all day. 


86kg- Herbert is the best we have here. So far Ruth has not transitioned to freestyle well. If Taylor starts competing here I'll look at how well he does. Until then, I think it's Herbert and then Ruth. 


97kg- Snyder. P4P he's the second best wrestler in the country. Varner did an outstanding job for us, but the torch may have passed.


125kg- Dlagnev. I'd like to see if Gwiz make a run.  

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I think Snyder at worlds wrestled better than Varner ever has.


Of course if he wrestles poorly at trials any number of guys could beat him, but I don't foresee that happening.

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57 kg - Ramos

65 kg - Green (if he can make the weight)

74 kg - JB

86 kg - Herbert (Ruth may have already transitioned to MMA)

97 kg - Snyder - He wins the trials easily.  I don't think Varner has the motivation to even get back to his 2012 form but I believe a 2016 Snyder is better than 2012 Varner anyway. 

125 kg - Dlagnev

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