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Assistant coach/social studies - now open!

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We have an immediate opening in Jeffersonville, IN for a social studies/wrestling coach.


We have a program that you can help!  we normally have around 60 wrestlers on the HS team, two middle school teams with 30-40 a piece, an elementary league with 175 kids, and a wrestling club with 100.


We need your help!!  we have an immediate SS opening due to a teacher moving, and our principal knows that we are looking for a wrestling coach and good teacher.


We are located 1 mile north of Louisville, KY - so you have the fun of the city, the sports on the water of the Ohio River, and the rural-ness of southern Indiana all in one location.


email resume's to dstruck@gcs.k12.in.us (head coach) and to jstraight@gcs.k12.in.us (our principal Julie Straight) - apply at www. gcs.k12.in.us (position is not posted yet, but it will be, so do a general application for now)

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