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Caldwell chokes Bunch, backflips onto camerawoman.

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No idea if GSP used drugs or not, but why would he campaign so hard against them if he did? Do you think he had a change of heart, or what?



Pretty much, yes.


The general consensus is he was concerned he would get busted and ruin his legacy (see Anderson Silva) thus he decided to get off. 


We saw his performance drop against Diaz and Hendricks.   A once cardio machine suddenly was weak and exhausted mid way through his fights.   Hendricks battered him from pillar to post, over powering him and easily outlasting him cardio wise.   Hendricks isn't exactly a cardio machine himself.   


St. Pierre wasn't about to go clean and have his opposition compete against him with a PED advantage, so he took a hard stance against it, in hopes they would be clean as well.   We saw his performance fall right off a cliff and he went as far as retire, right as MMA was producing mega pay days.   He claimed he would return when the drug testing got serious, but he as not returned nor does he show any signs of wanting to come back. To his credit, he managed to never test positive. 

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As you stated armspin, everyone's doing it, so I wouldn't exactly have an issue with it, except for he accuses others and claims to be clean.   I've been involved in the MMA scene for going on 17 years and in that time, I have seen numerous fighters take PEDs of all sorts.   One world champion in particular who never tested positive is the person who introduced me to HGH.   I didn't even know what it was at the time and through this person, I became exposed and eventually learned all about it.  It's actually a wonderful drug, like the fountain of youth.   The problem, however, is abusing it.  Taking larger amounts than you should.    Your organs grow.   Cancers grow if you have them in your system.  loo at Lance Armstrong for example.   I've seen numerous MMA fighters inject, never GSP.    But when you're around it and you learn what to look for, I can tell you GSP is VERY obvious.   


Check out the photos below and subsequent discussion








Look at that expanded gut.   and it's not like he's fat, those are ab muscles on top of the bulge.   


How do you get that?  Here's an interesting discussion



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