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Ramzan Kadyrov Cup (Russia) results

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From this past weekend's freestyle results (all Russian unless otherwise specified):


57kg: Gebekov, Muskaev (nationals silver), Syuryun/Israpilov (nationals bronze)

61kg: Chakaev (nationals bronze 65kg), Gvarzatilov (Aze.), Koshtyi/Mutalimov

65kg: Gadzhiev (Poland, worlds top 10, lost 4-3 to Chamizo), Muslimov (Aze), Zhalilov/Emeev (nationals 5th)

70kg: Dzhukaev (nationals bronze, '09 worlds silver), Suyunchev, Khizriev/Kasumov

74kg: Zaseev, Dadaev, Nabiev/Khubezhty (nationals 5th)

86kg: Kurugliev, A. Magomedov (nationals 5th), Valiev/M. Magomedov

97kg: A. Bataev (not V. Baitsaev), Musaev (Kyrg., lost 5-4 to Tahan-Iran in quarters at worlds), Kurbanov/Saritov

125kg: Kushkov (nationals bronze), Bakhmudkadiev, Khotsianivski (Ukr.)/Magomedov

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Also, Magomedov who won Bronze at 125 went 0-1 for the day in reality.


Lost his first match, his second go would have been against a guy who got disqualified for punching Bakhmudkadiev in the head, and his Bronze medal match opponent injured out.


0-1 with hardware for the day.  I can guarantee you that medal is buried in some box and never to be found again.

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