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First International BW Gold Medal

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I know that there hasn't been any updates on the USA Wrestling or UWW websites, but I'd like to conratulate 2x U.S. National Champion and 2014 World Bronze medalist, Ike Okoli, on being the first U.S. wrestler to win a gold medal in an officially sanctioned UWW international event. Okoli won the gold medal at the Beach Wrestling Pan-Am Games, which were held last week in Columbia. Canada, Venezuela, Brazil and Colombia were also represented at the Pan-Ams.


I hope that Ike can carry this momentum into the Brazil Cup next month, and help motivate other members of the U.S. Team to also earn medals for the U.S. The date of the 2015 World Championships was pushed up, which caused many nations (the U.S. included) to not have ample time to send representatives to this year's World Championships. Instead, this year's U.S. Team will get a chance to make an impact at the Brazil Cup.


Despite these events being predominatley countries from the west, I beleive this is a great step in the right direction for the oldest version of mankind's oldest sport to continue to grow here in the western hemisphere, as this style has been dominated by the eastern hemisphere. If you are looking for a star for this style, I believe in Ike. I hope you follow his wrestling journey too, and let's cheer him on as he continues his Beach Wrestling career and possibly be the first American to win the gold at next year's World Championships...actually, let's cheer him on to be the first wrestler to win a gold for the western side of the world.


If anyone is interested in tryin to make the 2016 U.S. Team for Beach Wrestling, the qualifier is already set for Carolina Beach, North Carolina on the weekend of May 20th-22nd. There is the unique opportunity for adult wrestlers to qualify for a spot on TWO U.S. Teams, as the Grappling World Team Trials are also that same weekend in Carolina Beach.


The 2016 World Championships are tentatively set for September 10-11 in Fazana, Croatia, but there is already discussion about hosting next year's Worlds in Jamaica. We will just have to wait and see, as after the completion of the 2011 World Championships it was being said that the 2012 Worlds was going to take place in Miami, Florida, and that didn't happen.  I would love to see it moved to Jamaica, as it would be the first Beach Worlds in the west (all 10 previous World Championships have been in the east).

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