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Last Man Standing

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I propose that the picking commences Sunday night, 25 Oct at midnight (EDT).  Contest entries close at midnight (EDT) on Saturday, 31 Oct.  This means that an entry posted at 12:01 on Monday, Nov. 1, doesn’t count.



The above is directly from the LMS rulez topic.  See page 2 of this board for the topic and any additional info............

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I didn't mean it in a bad way, I'm sorry :( You went hard, be proud!

I figured that if he got by the Iowa dual he'd be safe until the scuffle.

It may still be true but instead he gets nipped in the first open. (Marstellar)


Didn't like Nolf cuz his 1st two bouts are against Brascetta and Matthews.

In addition, I lost 5 bucks to Wcoyote which pains me the most.

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First, TBar1977 appeared to have picked Grothus and Jake Ryan on another thread.  If these are your picks, let me know.


Picker  1st pick  out  2nd pick

dtl38  Jake Sueflohn  Anthony Abidin


CB  Amarveer Dhesi  Zac Brunson


scribe  Sammy Brooks  Jason Nolf


redblades  Nathan Kraisser  Dalton Macri


LaxHawk174  Sammy Brooks  Jake Sueflohn


lowrider  Nathan Kraisser  Zane Richards


potdangerous  Brock Zacherl  Jason Nolf


lu1979  Joey McKenna  Amarveer Dhesi


lu_alum  Micah Jordan  Jason Nolf


tec87  Bo Nickal  Sammy Brooks


LordNelson  Chance Marstellar  L 11/1  Joey McKenna


tigerfan9311  Alex Meyer  Daniel Lewis


Tofurtky   Bryce Brill  Sammy Brooks


VakAttack  Jason Nolf  Alex Meyer


Flying-Tiger  Jason Nolf  Sammy Brooks


unbiased   Brock Zacherl  Jake Sueflohn


MSU158  Sammy Brooks  Nathan Kraisser


Plasmodium  Archie Colgan  Anthony Collica


rhino184  Anthony Collica  Sammy Brooks


pickled  Jake Sueflohn  Dalton Macri


wcoyote  Jason Nolf  Bryce Brill


JasonBryant  Jason Nolf  Dalton Macri


Kingsland  Sammy Brooks  Alex Meyer


ManEater  Jason Nolf  Brock Zacherl


Yellow_Medal  Micah Jordan  Josh Martinez


Old_Marine_Wrestler  Cody Pack  Jake Danishek


silverback  Brett Pfarr  Tommy Thorn


STLBOY  Blaize Butler  Jason Nolf


HokieHWT  Sal Mastriani  Blaize Butler


Swayz   Cody Crawford  Sean Russell


weh  Matthew Miller  Nathan Kraisser

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