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Ironman Grand Prix Tournament - get 7 matches in 2.5 hours!

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On Saturday December 12th we are premiering a new style of wrestling tournament called the Ironman Grand Prix. It is an 8 man round-robin tournament for advanced wrestlers. A test of endurance, each wrestler will get 7 matches in 2.5 hours. The winner will receive a championship belt, with quality medals going to 2nd and 3rd.

Tournament features:
Get 7 matches in 2.5 hours
Championship belts for the winners
Real Referees
Live streaming of all matches
Inflatable gladiator joust game

All 8 wrestlers will compete simultaneously on 4 mats. You will wrestle a match, then rest for 3 matches, and then wrestle again... until all 7 rounds are complete.

Weights, ages, and start times are as follows:

Born 2006 or after (8:30am weigh-in)
56 lbs 9:00am
63 lbs 9:05am
70 lbs 9:10am
77 lbs 9:15am

Born 2004 or after (11:00am weigh-in)
72 lbs 11:30am
79 lbs 11:35am
86 lbs 11:40am
93 lbs 11:45am

Born 2002 or after (1:30pm weigh-in)
80 lbs 2:00pm
88 lbs 2:05pm
96 lbs 2:10pm
104 lbs 2:15pm

Academy Sports Complex
875 Conklin St.
Farmingdale, NY  11735

The cost for the event is $70, and it is limited to exactly 8 wrestlers per weight. Register now to reserve your spot at http://www.WellRunTournaments.com/upcoming-tournaments/

(I apologize if this forum needs payment for advertisement.  If that is the case, please reach out to me at jaytonbye@yahoo.com.)

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