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2015 Senior Nationals & OTT Qualifier

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75 kg greco is gonna be interesting to see who faces bisek. lester is up and provisor is down. since i'm from nj i'll throw in taylor walsh.

It will be interesting.  I think Speiller gets him this time if they meet again.  He had Bisek stuck last year don't know how it wasn't called.. 

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It was interesting how they were willing to deviate very far from the rankings to come up with these seeds.  The example that jumps out is Dennis #1 vs Sanders #9, when in the rankings, Sanders was higher.  I tend to think Dennis > Sanders is right (Sanders was only ranked higher because he placed 2nd at Farrell vs 3rd for Dennis, but Dennis was on the much tougher side of the bracket), but Dennis over Colon, Escobedo, and Scott is very interesting.  Dennis beat Scott 8-6 in their most recent meeting, but Scott teched him at the US Open shortly before that.  I guess the fact that Dennis proved something that this weight by looking good at Farrell swayed them to put him higher.  I would have gone Colon, Escobedo, Scott, Dennis as my top 4 at 57, but it is not an easy call.

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rpm, seeds are irrelevant for this event. they shouldn't even seed them, splitting hairs.

I disagree.  Getting to the semi-finals guarantees a top 6 finish (i.e. top 7 for OTT qualification).  If you randomly draw the weights, you'll end up with undeserving guys at the trials and deserving guys needing 6 or 7 wins on short rest in the conso's to get 7th.

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At 57kg, the only name I'm surprised I don't see is Matt McDonough.  Ramos and Graff aren't there, but that's to be expected given they are already qualified.


Here's who you do have:


Colon (ranked #2)

Escabedo (ranked #3)

Sanders (ranked #5, #2 at Farrell)

Dennis (ranked #6, #3 at Farrell)

Nasar (ranked #8. #4 at Farrell)

Tomasello (ranked #9, tied for #5 at Farrell)

Blanc (ranked #10, tied for #7 at Farrell)

Mitcheff (ranked #11, tied for #5 at Farrell)

Micic (ranked #12, tied for #9 at Farrell, only one to even come close to Graff)

Perrelli (tied for #7 at Farrell)

Waters (tied for #9 at Farrell)

Hochstrasser (closest Ramos has come to losing to an American)

Pataky (made 2015 trials)

Kjar, Morrison, and Hutter are solid

Oh yeah, and Scott and Abas.


That's 18 solid guys.  Top 7 sounds generous, but there are going to be some very strong guys who don't make it.  

McDonough is rehabbing from knee surgery.

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Did Ed Ruth do a lot of lifting/weight training in college? Good strategy now with smaller guys like Caldwell, Dake, Taylor moving up.





Also nice match by Erin Golston just now. I was sort of hoping for Doi vs. Doi in the semis.

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