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Rules Clinic for Penn State Fans

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I'm a Penn State fan and when I watched the match live, I thought the reversal was a horrible call. However, after watching it again, it is very close, but, I believe the official got it right. Dake got his right leg hooked inside of David's left leg and had the merkle locked prior to going out of bounds. It is very close, but, I can definitely see why the reversal was called.


I still believe that David clearly had an escape at the end though. First, Dake lost his lock on the leg and the re-gripped. Second, at the end Dake is flat and barely touching Taylor. That is not control.


All in all, all this does is add even more anticipation / excitement for the re-match in Des Moines. The energy in that place is going to be special. I can't wait to be there for it !!!!

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