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Catch me up, please...

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Lots of freshman are really good (Smith, Brock, Mckenna, MJordan, Lewis, etc)

Chance Marstellar isn't

Penn St, OkSt, are really good

OU, NW, and many others aren't

Floarena isn't perfect

J'den Cox and Mizzou are the new badboys of wrestling.  Not sure how Iowa feels about this.

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Dake won his 4th NCAA title.Joking. Glad to fill you in.




John Smith pulled Kaid Brock's redshirt and in his opening match he pinned Cory Brewer. This is true. Nashon Garrett had beaten Brock only the week (or two?) before, so the returning NCAA champ took two unexpected losses.


Chance Marstellar is really struggling. 


Jason Nolf is destroying everyone in his path and is now ranked #2 or #3 depending on who says, behind only iMart and Miller.


Joe Smith made it to the finals of the RENO Toc taking out some ranked fellers along the way and wrestled iMart to a tough and exciting match. While Jo Jo was never threatening to win he impressed most everyone who bothered to comment.


The question that seems to be on everyone's mind right now is will John Smith pull Jo Jo's redshirt. There's speculation that he might do that and move Chance up to 165 and move Ringer and Crutchmer up. This is entirely unsubstantiated and widely debated but it's an interesting though. Everyone is licking their chops hoping Jo Jo enters the Scuffle for a chance at meeting Nolf. Some are questioning whether it's wise for Smith to even enter the Scuffle. 




The US Nationals (subbing for the US Open this year as a quali for the Olympic Trials) took place in Vegas last weekend. A lot of stars were absent but it still had some exciting bouts.


Stieber beat Pico in the semis pretty handily. Pico was able to repeatedly get to Stieber's legs but couldn't convert. Stieber makes it to the finals bringing his A-game with him only to be taken out pretty handily by Kennedy whose star is clearly rising.


At 74kg Chris Perry made weight and made the finals and met his old rival Howe in the finals. They wrestled a surprisingly interesting but low scoring match with Howe taking it 3-2. 


86kg offered the most excitement as Taylor and Ruth squared off in the quarters. Taylor won by TF and a score of 13-0, but most of us who watched the match didn't see a clear blow out, there were a lot of questionable calls, also to my eye Ruth seemed to have his head elsewhere. Meanwhile on the other side of the bracket Dake took out a couple of tough customers along the way to the finals downing Keith Gavin 6-2 in the quarters and John Reader 6-4 in the semis. Noting that these guys are legit 86kg guys, maybe a notch below world beaters but this was impressive. So Taylor and Dake met in the finals for the seventh time in a row, having met 3x in folk and 3x in freestyle, all of which Dake won and Dake won again, this time by an 11-4 score. The match was a real puzzler and anyone who saw it had to feel at least a little badly for Taylor. Taylor looked incredibly vs Ruth and seemed to have grown into the weight well. Dake meanwhile looked almost a little fat and appeared to be gassing in every match. Nevertheless he controlled the match the whole time. He got the initial takedown almost off the whistle, bot Taylor in a trapped arm gut and ran the score to 8-0 before a stepover by Taylor saved the day. After that the pace of the match slowed and while Dake never looked in jeopardy Taylor repeatedly got to his legs but didn't have enough luck converting. 

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I have been really busy the last few months and feel like I haven't got a good grasp on the stories for this season.


Anyone want to highlight the headlines for the season thus far?

No new headlines to worry about, just remember:


shop often, shop smart, shop iMart!   :)

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Dylan Palacio dropped out of Cornell last month. Initially, Koll said that he was expected back for the second semester (no later than the Southern Scuffle). However, based on social media accounts, Dylan's plans have apparently taken an unexpected change.


Evidently Dylan has enlisted in the Army, as he recently tweeted that he's an L40 soldier. I'm not familiar with that MOS, but things have changed a lot since my days in uniform.


Anyway, best wishes to you, Dylan - and thanks for your service.

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J'den Cox and Mizzou are the new badboys of wrestling.  Not sure how Iowa feels about this.



How do you figure Mizzou as the badboys of wrestling?  One questionable move by one wrestler?  Get over it.

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Stock Rising:


NC State: Coach Pop is looking like coach of the year so far. Who would've predicted the level they have reached even a few months ago?


Princeton: looking like they might become the "new Penn of old". Coaches doing a great job there


Missouri: wasn't this supposed to be an off year? Brian Smith proves once again he's one of the very best in the business even after the loss of Sammie Henson


VT: clearly a big step below the top dogs still, and their overzealous fans suggesting a title was possible got s little carried away, but realistically speaking, VT has made enormous strides and is on the up and up.


Rutgers: it's true, believe it or not. They are finally turning the corner for real this time.


PSU freshmen: talk about a reload. Cael is the best recruiter in the country and it's not close. Nickal and Nolf are legit title threats and improving at a rapid rate.


OSU redshirt-pulling: Kaid Brock flattens Brewer. Jojo's has to be pulled too. Come on, now, the team may not win for a while if not this year, and it's really been too long since the last one.


Iowa fan base: the Kinnick Stadium outdoor dual with OSU proved once again there is no stronger fan base than Iowa's. Maniacs. Incredible event I never thought could happen in our sport. A 10 out of 10 A+ production by Brands and company with big shout-out to John Smith as well.


ODU: steady grind upwards


Barlow McGhee: did you even know he existed?


Moving up in weight: The top guys at 133, 149, and, before BoJo's move down to 165, also 174 were all bumped up a weight. The current #2 guy at 174 (Realbuto) is bumped up two weights.


Nashon Garrett: looking phenomenal.



Stock Dropping:


Minnesota: shadow of their former selves. They need a heavy reload very very badly. How the mighty have fallen.


Northwestern: not pretty. I know about the roster cap, injuries, great morale from the inside, etc. etc. But Northwestern is a B1G program. Let's call a spade a spade. They may turn things around yet this year if the head coach battlefield promotion works out, everyone becomes injury-free, nobody else transfers, Tsirtsis stops gassing and starts shooting, and several stars align. But that's a lot of ifs.


Lehigh: Flo has AA Darian Cruz ranked 17, AA Mason Beckman ranked 18 (was he really at the All-Star meet just a few months ago? Good Lord), EIWA champ Randy Cruz ranked 14 (did he really get worse after a redshirt like his younger bro?), AA Mitch Minotti ranked 13, NCAA finalist Matt Brown ranked 4, and therefore Lehigh ranked 15. I and a lot of others really expected a lot more. A lot.


Michigan: they simply should be doing better.


Wisconsin: come on, now.


Oklahoma: I really do believe Cody is a good coach. But where are the results? The future looks pretty bleak too for such a storied program.


Chance Marsteller: I hate adding fuel to the fire. But wow. There's just no gas. At this point, if Marsteller can atrophy down enough, what is his mindset going to be like given his season so far? Like most, I'm pulling for him.


Ricky Durso: where is this kid?


BJ Clagon: one of my favorites to watch, And as capable as anyone, but what a terrible start. His close match with Retherford might signal a turning point, or so I hope.


Cody Brewer: I'm pretty sure he'll turn it around some, but he really did get taken to the woodshed by Garrett and then there was Kaid Brock. Even before, Anthony Giraldo schooled him for s bit before getting thrown and stuck. I have the image of Brewer destroying the field at last year's nationals emblazoned in my memory still, and this year just does not compute.

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As far as Ohio State is concerned, there is much conjecture whether or not Myles Martin will come out of redshirt and wrestle for the Buckeyes at 174, with Bo Jordan at 165.

This may depend on how Hunter Stieber does at 149.  

With everyone healthy- even with Kyle Snyder taking a year off- Ohio State could make some noise in March.   

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That's a nice recap, Nerd. 


Two points: I wouldn't write VT's obit until they get their full team back on the mat. I think the Penn State dual is the only time we've seen them at full strength this year. They've been missing at least three starters since. The VA Tech/NC State dual in February should be a war. 


Nathaniel Brown at Lehigh, not Matt. 

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