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OSU Weeight Cutting In Retrospect

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For the previous two years, John Smith had Jon Morrison and Jordan Oliver sucked down to 125 and 133 r3espectively. The amount of weight cutting OSU has done surprises me since none of the Smith brothers cut much weight in college. Lee Roy did cut to make 136.5 for international freestyle.


Had the OSU lineup been


Rupp - 125 (he is no longer on the OSU team I'm told)

Morrison - 133

Oliver - 141

Parks - 149


What would have been the team's performance at the NCAA tournament. I cut way too much weight in high school my junior and senior years because we had a highly ranked wrestler at the weight class I should have wrestled. Only when I went up two weight classes in the middle of my senior year did I start to wrestle like I was capable of.


Penn State wrestlers don't seem to be cutting much weight, and as a result seem to be having fun, and wrestle an offensive style.


Morrison has been the biggest surprise to me on the OSU team, because I wasn't impressed with his performances the past two years. Now he seems to have found an offense that was lacking in the past.


Please express your opinions.

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I am with you on this. I have always thought that most kids can't perform well when cutting weight. It is one thing to manage your weight and just drop a little bit and stay consistently lean but for people that are really at odds with the scale it takes so much time and energy that I don't think their is any benefit to the athlete. Though it may help the team if they have no one at that weight.


I have always thought that people have used cutting weight to try to gain an advantage that they don't have due to lack of talent with some strange idea that the size advantage will make up for it. But I continue to see people that get beat down from the lack of physical cooperation from their body when they are on the mat and the mental abuse of late nights on the bike.


I would rather have a kid spend that extra time focusing on technique and building up strength while staying energized than have him sucked out.


The higher the weight classes get the bigger the advantage of growing. A semi-athletic 174 will be an athletic 184 and a semi-athletic 184 will be an athletic 197. I do not believe giving up a few percent of weight is a big deal; I have always thought technique and skill was the real factor in success.


As far as your example: I think Oliver is the best technician in college wrestling and I wouldn't doubt if he was much better in the practice room, last year, than he was on the mat after weighing in. Now that he is comfortable he can focus on what he does best. There is nothing worse than wrestling with energy and nothing better than having the energy to wear down your opponent.

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Through 18 matches last year JO had 14 pins, 2 techs, a decision (Stieber) and a loss (Ramos). Outside of being undefeated, which is tough to do regardless of how much weight you are cutting, how could he have really improved on this mark? He closed the season out pretty well too, with 3 pins at nationals and then a decision of Futrell and of course a close loss in the finals. His loss notably came after what about 8 hours of recovery time?


I'm glad JO got to go up, as he looks much healthier, but I'm not sure you can look to him as someone whose results will magically get much better up a weight, if only because he was downright amazing to start with.


Morrison almost certainly would have done better and he seems to have gotten back to where he was pre-staph infection as a freshman. Hopefully he finishes really well.


Although OSU is known to cut a lot of weight, John is also pretty good about letting guys go up too. Johnny Thompson and Steve Mocco are the only two recent national champions at OSU who haven't finished at a higher weight than they started their careers. There are several others who have also gone up who didn't make that distinguished list.

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