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Nebraska @ Penn State

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Morelli vs. Austin Wilson


0-0 after 1. 


Wilson ESC. 1-0 after 2.


Talk about stalling going uncalled, this is ridiculous. 


Hey Otis, Nebraska got ALL THE CALLS there in the only close match where it mattered. That was a JOKE. 

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Manning is pathetic. Just ridiculous question on that TD to buy Barnes a lung time out. 


10-3 Nickal over Barnes. Bo looked tired trying to get that last TD for the potential major. 


18-6 team score

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McCutcheon vs. Dudley


2-2 after 1. Cutch with 35 secs RT


Penalty point gives 1 pt to Dudley. They say Cutch had illegal hold. Now a quick ESC. 3-3. Dudley now has 35 secs RT. Nice shot by McCutch, but no score.


Dudley ESC 3-4. 


This match reminds me of Nico vs. Delgado. Every Cutch shot ends up with Dudley draping over and getting around for his TD. Two take downs in the last 30 seconds for McCutcheon. 




Amazing comeback by McCutcheon!



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7-3 Split with two back-ups and no HWT!!!




125: Senior All-American Nico Megaludis (Murrysville, Pa.), ranked No. 4 at 125, took on No. 9 Tim Lambert. Megaludis spent the opening minute working Lambert's head to the mat and nearly worked his way around for a takedown at the 2:30 mark. Lambert was able to work out of trouble once, but the Lion senior worked the same move a second time and took a 2-1 lead with 1:40 on the clock. The duo battled evenly for the next :30 and Megaludis picked up another point on a second Lambert stall. Trailing 3-1, Lambert chose down to start the second period. Megaludis got dinged for a locked hands call and Lambert reversed him to take a 4-3 lead. The Lion senior then escaped to a 4-4 score with 1:20 on the clock and action resumed in the middle of the mat. Megaludis worked his way into control of a low single and Lambert forced a scramble that allowed him to work his way out of trouble. Tied 4-4, Megaludis chose down to start the third period and quickly escaped to a 5-4 lead. He then shot once again and worked his way to a takedown and a 7-4 lead with 1:30 on the clock. Megaludis maintained control for the next minute-plus and built up a 1:02 riding time edge before getting hit with a first stall warning. Lambert managed a late escape and Megaludis rolled with an 8-5 win with 1:36 in riding time.

133: Senior All-American Jordan Conaway (Abbottstown, Pa.), ranked No. 5 at 133, met No. 12 Eric Montoya. The bout opened with each wrestler working the middle of the mat with Conaway setting the tempo in the second minute with multiple shots. Conaway connected on a high single and worked his way around for a takedown and a 2-0 lead as the opening period ended. Trailing 2-0, Montoya chose down to start the second period and quickly escaped to a 2-1 score. Conaway continued to take shots and Montoya continued to step back as the second period wound down. The Lion's offensive pressure paid off with a low single to double that upped Conaway's lead to 4-1 with :40 on the clock. Conaway gave up a late reversal as he tried to turn Montoya and led 4-3 after two. Conaway chose down to start the third period and steadily worked his way to an escape at the 1:05 mark to lead 5-3. Undaunted, Conaway once again turned to offense, connecting on a low single that forced Montoya to tie things up with a stalemate with :40 to wrestle. Conaway stayed on offense for the remainder of the match and killed the clock with a late shot. Conway posted the 5-3 win.

141: Sophomore Kade Moss (South Jordan, Utah) took on No. 20 Anthony Abidin at 141. Abidin came out fast, turning a single leg shot into a takedown and an early 2-0 lead. Moss escaped quickly after a reset and action resumed in the middle of the mat with Moss trailing 2-1. Moss fought off two quick Abidin shots, looking to lock up upper body control. Abidin kept the Lion sophomore from setting up his offense and the bout moved to the second period with Moss trailing by one. Abidin chose down to start the second period and quickly escaped to a 3-1 lead. Moss began to open up on offense, looking for low singles and changing his attacks. Abidin fought off solid Moss high single as the period ended and led 3-1 after two. Moss chose down to start the third period and could not break free of a solid Abidin ride. The Husker built up over 1:00 in riding time as he kept Moss from getting to his feet. A reset was called with 1:05 on the clock giving Moss an opportunity to escape, but Abidin maintained control. Abidin rode Moss out and posted the 4-1 win with 2:17 in riding time.

149: Sophomore All-American Zain Retherford (Benton, Pa.), ranked No. 1 at 149, battled No. 5 Jake Sueflohn. Retherford scored quickly, blowing through a high double just seconds into the match to open up a 2-0 lead. Retherford then went to work on top, building up a solid riding time edge as he controlled the Husker for over a minute before Sueflohn escaped to a 2-1 score with 1:31 on the clock. Sueflohn looked to connect on a single leg, forcing a scramble with 1:10 on the clock that ended in a stalemate with :55 left in a furious opening period. Retherford exploded through a high double as the period ended to finish on top with a 4-1 lead and 1:25 in riding time. Retherford chose down to start the second period and escaped in the first second to lead 5-1. Retherford scrambled around a slight Sueflohn shot to take the Husker down again and open up a 7-1 lead. Retherford controlled action from the top and nearly turned Sueflohn for back points. The Husker fought off the near fall attempt but Retherford rode him out to lead 7-1 with 2:50 in riding time after two periods. Sueflohn chose down to start the third period and escaped to a 7-2 score. Retherford fought off a Sueflohn shot for over a minute before a the official awarded a takedown, Retherford escaped, and then quickly called for his own review. The call was reversed and the bout continued with Retherford up 7-2 with :58 on the clock. With the riding time point clinched, Retherford took Sueflohn down once more, cut him loose to a 9-3 score and then quickly added another takedown to up his lead to 11-3. A short ride out and 3:17 in riding time gave the Lion a 12-3 major with 3:17 in riding time.

157: Red-shirt freshman Jason Nolf (Yatesboro, Pa.), ranked No. 3 at 157, took on No. 17 Tyler Berger. Nolf set the early tempo, changing levels as he looked for an opening. Multiple low shots paid off as Nolf turned a high single into a takedown and a 2-0 lead with :56 on the clock. The Lion freshman then worked from the top position until he was able to lock up Berger's shoulders and turn him to his back for four near fall points. Trailing 6-0, Berger chose down to start the second period and Nolf immediately cut him loose to a 6-1 score. Berger got hit for a stall warning with 1:30 to wrestle and Nolf continued to pressure the Husker. A fast low double led to another takedown and an 8-2 lead after Nolf cut Berger loose again. Nolf scored quickly off a reset to up his lead to 10-2 with :30 on the clock and then rode the Husker out. Leading 10-2 with 1:37 in time, Nolf chose neutral to start the third. Nolf continued to try and engage Berger and the pressure paid off as Nolf pulled a fleeing Berger back onto the mat and took a 12-3 lead with :55 on the clock (cutting him loose). Berger countered a fast Nolf shot and forced a scramble that worked the clock down to :20. Nolf turned Berger's shot into a takedown and a four point near fall. Nearly two minutes in riding time (1:57) gave Nolf the dominating 19-3 technical fall at the 7:00 mark.

165: Junior Geno Morelli (DuBois, Pa.) met No. 14 Austin Wilson at 165. Morelli shot quickly, forcing a scramble that nearly ended in a takedown but a stalemate stopped the action with 2:25 left. Morelli then fought off a solid Wilson shot, forcing a stalemate himself at the 2:00 mark. The tandem battled evenly until Wilson looked to have a takedown as the period ended. No call was made and Nebraska challenged the call. The call stood and the bout moved to the second period scoreless. Wilson chose down to start the second period and escaped to a 1-0 lead quickly. Morelli and Wilson traded shots with neither wrestler breaking through. After a stalemate at the :50 mark, Morelli stepped away from a Wilson shot and tried a quick counter to no avail. The Lion then reset himself and worked his way in on a deep low single, but Wilson fought off the shot and killed the clock. Trailing 1-0, Morelli chose down to start the third period. Morelli worked for an escape but Wilson maintained control long enough to build up over 1:00 in riding time. He did get hit with a stall warning in the process. Morelli then scrambled his way to a reversal to take a 2-1 lead. Wilson managed a late escape with just :05 on the clock and with 1:16 in riding time, the Husker posted the 3-2 win with 1:16 in riding time.

174: Red-shirt freshman Bo Nickal (Allen, Texas), ranked No. 1 at 174, wrestled No. 14 Micah Barnes. Nickal wasted no time opening up a 2-0 lead, turning a fast low single into a takedown just :24 into the bout. The top-ranked Lion freshman nearly turned Barnes for back points off a reset, adjusted his position and worked him out of bounds for another reset with 1:44 on the clock. Nickal cut Barnes loose to a 2-1 score. Nickal was unable to break through for another takedown in the period and led 2-1 with :54 in riding time after one period. Barnes chose down to start the second period and escaped to a 2-2 tie. Nickal chased Barnes down, forced him into a stall warning, then lifted him off the mat and took him down for a 4-2 lead with 1:05 on the clock. Nickal cut Barnes to a 4-3 score midway through the period and then continued to force Barnes off the mat. Nickal picked up another point when Barnes was hit for the second stall and then upped his lead to 7-3 with a quick takedown. Nickal rode Barnes out and carried the 7-3 lead with 1:22 in riding time into the third period. Nickal chose down to start the third period and quickly escaped to an 8-3 lead. Nickal upped his lead to 9-3 on another Barnes stall and nearly finished off the major but time ran out and he settled for the 10-3 win with 1:07 in time.

184: Sophomore Matt McCutcheon (Apollo, Pa.), ranked No. 13 at 184, faced No. 5 TJ Dudley. McCutcheon forced a scramble early with a low shot only to be countered by Dudley at the 1:20 mark. The Lion sophomore was steady on bottom though, working his way to a quick reversal to tie the bout at 2-2 shortly after. McCutcheon then controlled the action from the top, riding Dudley out. With the bout tied 2-2, McCutcheon chose down to start the second period but Dudley was strong on top. McCutcheon was unable to break free and then gave up a point on an illegal hold. McCutcheon trailed 3-2 and was still down with a reset at the :57 mark. He escaped to a 3-3 tie shortly after the reset and action resumed in the center of the mat. McCutcheon nearly connected on a low single as the period ended but Dudley's defense killed the clock. Tied 3-3, Dudley chose down to start the third period and McCutcheon quickly cut him loose to a 4-3 deficit. McCutcheon once again worked in on a single leg but Dudley countered for his own takedown and opened up a 6-4 lead after a quick McCutcheon escape. McCutcheon shot low on Dudley, forced him into a stall and then tied the bout 6-6 with a takedown at the :30 mark. A reset was called with :23 on the clock and Dudley escaped to a 7-6 lead quickly. McCutcheon was relentless, however, and turned a low single into a late scramble. The Lion sophomore worked his way onto the top of Dudley and with just :01 on the clock picked up the takedown to post the thrilling 8-7 win.

197: Senior All-American Morgan McIntosh (Santa Ana, Calif.), ranked No. 1 at 197, battled No. 16 Aaron Studebaker. McIntosh was steady, taking his time as he worked for an opening takedown as Studebaker's defense was strong. While McIntosh set the tempo, Studebaker was able to defend his way to a scoreless first period. Studebaker chose down to start the second period and McIntosh controlled the action for :44 before the Husker escaped to a 1-0 lead. McIntosh continued to try and open things up, but collar ties and backwards movement kept the Lion senior at arm's length. Trailing 1-0, McIntosh chose down to start the second period and steadily worked his way to an escape and a 1-1 tie. McIntosh countered a Studebaker shot and forced a reset with :33 on the clock with the bout tied at 1-1. Neither wrestler was able to score down the stretch and action moved into sudden victory time. McIntosh took multiple shots in the extra period but Studebaker was able to back away repeatedly and send the bout into a tiebreaker. McIntosh chose down in his :30 session and quickly escaped to a 2-1 lead. Studebaker was then down and McIntosh got hit with a first stall warning :10 into the session. He then kept control of the Husker for the final seconds and escaped with a hard-fought 2-1 (TB) win.

285: Junior Wes Phipps (Grove City, Pa.) battled No. 17 Collin Jensen at 285. Phipps, who missed all of last year and the first semester this season, wrestled for the first time and moved up from 184 to 285. Phipps got in on a high single and forced a scramble early. The ranked Husker was able to muscle his way to a stalemate with 1:54 on the clock and the bout remained scoreless. Phipps kept the pressure on the bigger Jensen early, forcing tie-ups and keeping action in the middle of the mat. Jensen took his first shot at the :50 mark but Phipps quickly worked his way out of the Husker's grip to keep things even after one period. Jensen chose down to start the second period. Phipps looked to left the Husker off the mat to maintain control but Jensen was able to counter the move and reversed the Lion for a 2-0 lead. He then turned Phipps for two near fall points and led 4-0 at the 1:15 mark. Phipps fought off another near fall attempt to stay within striking distance as the second period ended. Trailing 4-0, Phipps chose neutral to start the final period. Phipps got in on a solid single but Jensen used his size to counter the move for another takedown and a 6-0 lead with a clinched riding time point. Phipps escaped to a 6-1 score with :47 on the clock. Jensen connected on another takedown and upped his lead to 8-1 with :25 on the clock. 2:28 in riding time gave Jensen the 9-1 major.

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Well my 9 year old son got really sick this morning so he had to stay home, which meant my 11 year old got to go for instead which just totally made his day. And on top of that he got to meet his idol DT after the match and get a pic with him! Great night of wrestling with my son. My brief thoughts on the match.


-Nico did all the work and Lambert did next to nothing, still a tough match and not Nico's best.

-Jordan with a workman like decision. Kid is just solid.

-Abidin looked freakishly strong, I felt he would have manhandled Jimmy if he would have went. Thanks Kade;)

-Zain totally dominated and broke Jake, though  Zain needs to be a little more stingy letting guys on his legs. Me nitpicking.

-Nolf will eventually open up the score on anyone not named Imar. He is just amazing to watch and everyone should be a fan of him.

-Morelli is good but just not the answer. Rasheed needs to take all the starts from now on.

-Bo looked sloppy. He has a a bit of stamina issues, not Altonesque though. Plus he could use a bit more horsepower. 

-Cutch is fun to watch and the kid has a huge heart. Freaking amazing comeback and we were going crazy. Never give up!

-Never wanted to say this, BUT MM seems like a great guy and all, but I just can not see him on top of the podium this year. Too many close matches.  He is bound to lose one of these close ones soon enough, unless he is on the Kellen Russel plan?

-Please hurry back Nevills. 

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