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PAC-12 Tournament - Saturday

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Or should that be PAC-6?

Starts Sat. morning.

10:30 a.m. - 12:40 p.m.    First & Second Rounds
3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.    Consolation Semifinals
4:45 p.m. - 7 p.m.    Championship Session

(times - PST)

Championships page:

Video links for first sessions:
http://pac-12.com/live/arizona-state-university (Vid 1)
http://pac-12.com/live/arizona-state-university-2 (Vid 2)
http://pac-12.com/live/arizona-state-university-3 (Vid 3)

Finals on TV:
5pm (PST) 8pm (EST) PAC-12 networks

Conf Press Release:

What's at stake, AQ #'s:
125 - 2
133 - 1
141 - 3
149 - 3
157 - 1
165 - 3
174 - 2
184 - 2
197 - 1
285 - 3

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Pac 12 results:

125: Schram beats Bresser in 2nd set of rideouts by 1sec.
133: Brady of ASU wins 4-2 in OT over Joey Palmer.
141. McKenna beats Nickall 6-1.
149: Geo Martinez wins 3-1 due to dislocate finger giving him choice to choose down in 1st period getting a reversal.
157: Castillo beats Pierce in 2nd set of rideouts.

Pac12 Network had Stephen Neal and Les Gutches On and they both look like they could still wreck people. The announcer was trying to get them to wrestle off since they were both voted Co Pac12 Best wrestlers.

165: Wilson-Stanford wins 2-1 in OT rideouts escaping with secs left and then riding out FIerro.

174: Hammond Fall Dewey 2:02.  Under video review for a possible choke hold. Pin confirmed.

184: Stauffer wins 7-2 over Griego.  Zalesky has himself a tough freshman.  

197: Dasilviera wins 6-5 over Franklin off a very nice early 4 pt and some well placed stalling.  ASU looked like they used a video challenge to give Dasilviera a lung timeout and looked like McCormick gave Zeke an earful.

285: Defending Champ Butler escapes with 3 secs left to avoid losing by Tech Fall losing to Dhesi 19-5.  Dhesi is a VERY good heavyweight and will be contending for a high podium finish.


Oregon State wins over ASU by 5, 118-113.

Camera was stuck on Zalesky talking to Borelli for some time.  Probably talking to him about making sure he seeds his guys correctly at NCAA's.

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MSU, Borrelli is no longer on the NCAA Championships committee. The coaches on the committee now are Bob Patnesky, Tom Ryan, and Brian Smith. (the non-coaches are Valerie Richardson, Assistant AD at Virginia, Gen. Dr. Billy Walker, AD at American, and chairman Matt Whisenant, Assistant AD at Wyoming)


And for those wondering, yes, Billy Walker is both a Doctor and a retired Air Force Brigadier General.

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Anyone know anything about whether there were true second matches at 125 or 174? Pretty sure PAC-12's done that in the past.


Edit: Earl has them.


125-Ronnie Bresser (Oregon State) dec Rami Hadaddin (Boise State) 7-6

174-Keaton Subjeck (Stanford) fall Austin Dewey (Boise State) 2:23

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Not enough people are talking about Dhesi, he's going to make some serious noise at NCAAs

Agree, and he's one of the reasons I'm going.  He destroyed Butler.  Butler didn't want anything to do with him after 5 minutes of wrestling.  He seems to wrestle the guy better the second time, eg Hall and Butler bouts from this season.

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Heavy is going to be one of the most interesting weights at Nationals this year there are a TON of ways it could play out. Quiz is certainly still the guy to beat but there are a bunch of quality guys this year.






All pretty much attackers........ going to be fun.

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