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Virginia Duals draws:

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Ran thru what I would guess the matchups would be for VT (if all advance based on seeds to the Finals vs CMU). Also listed are the results of the previous dual match between VT & Edinboro.

Note rankings are Intermat & records are from NWCA Scorebook as of this morning.



(VT) #4 Garnett 14-1

(BU) Hunter 5-4

(KSU) Mitcheff 16-7

(EU) Mines (prev dual Garnett 10-4)

(CMU) #9 Cullinan 13-3



(VT) Spjut 7-5

(BU) Steeley 8-7

(KSU) Bauer 12-12

(EU) #4 Schopp (MD 9-0 Schopp)

(CMU) #7 Sentes 8-3



(VT) #13 Neibert 12-5

(BU) Riggi 11-8

(KSU) Kern 7-11

(EU) #5 Port (7-5 SV Port)

(CMU) Mattingly 11-9


149: Another tough road for Nick

(VT) #6 Brascetta 17-1

(BU) #7 Vinson (Brascetta won great match at Midlands Finals)

(KSU) Carr 18-6 - not ranked but does have a MD win over OSU AA Cam Tessari this year

(EU) Habat - prev ranked as high as #14 (Brascetta dec 4-3)

(CMU) Corby 8-8



(VT) #6 Dong 10-2

(BU) McKeever 10-10

(KSU) Shuster 7-7

(EU) DePalma (Dong by Fall)

(CMU) Smith 10-5



(VT) #5 Yates 16-1

(BU) Grella 2-4

(KSU) Marsh 11-4

(EU) Greisheimer (Yates dec 8-1)

(CMU) Ottinger 11-9



(VT) Gabel 9-6

(BU) Paris 6-10

(KSU) Wheeler

(EU) Jennings (Gabel dec 6-4)

(CMU) #19 Kelliher 14-7



(VT) Vetterlein 8-6

(BU) Reed 8-9

(KSU) #16 Newburg 21-3

(EU) Pickett (Vetterlein dec 6-4)

(CMU) #2 Bennett 16-0



(VT) Borlie 10-6

(BU) Scheidel 13-2

(KSU) #1 Kilgore 22-0

(EU) Bosch (Bosch by Fall)

(CMU) Lewis 7-11



(VT) Marone 6-6

(BU) Deuel 10-10

(KSU) Witt 9-8

(EU) James - prev ranked #16 (James dec 3-2 TB1)

(CMU) #7 Trice 9-1


Please also note some of the rosters may vary. I tried to review a couple dual results before assuming line ups so if there are errors please feel free to correct.


Should be another great VIRGINIA DUALS

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You beat me to it!


I have to say I'm surprised CMU received the #1 seed. As a dual team, the Chippewas are going to have their hands full with Virginia and/or Virginia Tech.


Two things on that -- On the seeding forms submitted by the coaches, CMU had the better average score and were also ranked higher in the coaches poll.

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I like bracetta - 149


The kid is a grinder. Great positions, great gas tank & goes after opponents. Solid in all 3 areas & has it between the ears as well. Check out his post match interviews from Midlands on Flo & GOhiocasts. Just a solid young man.

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