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Point taken about the United Center being a less than ideal location, but really, transportation is hardly a hassle. As someone who has lived in both Chi and NYC, I don't think the CTA is any more or less reliable than the subway in NYC (and definitely a lot less congested); and cab fares are comparable between the two cities. Plus you could always do Uber or other ride-sharing.


The March Madness midwestern regionals is at the United Center this week. How are those fans dealing with it?

I hear ya. Those bball fans probably aren't dealing with the commute for six separate sessions, tho... Given wrestlings' format, a close proximity of venue & hotels is critical for NCAA's Edited by redAnklet

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I just felt it was time to throw in my two cents...

We have a pretty good system down, and have seen most of the sights in St. Louis several times, but I am against having it (or any other place) be a permanent site. I can do a tournament there twice as cheap as virtually any other place.

I enjoy visiting other venues and seeing other places. I have turned several NCAA tournaments into sightseeing trips, ski trips, or partial family vacations. This year my wife was even going to go, but her job schedule messed it up. We have seen a lot of great things in 30 years of going to the NCAAs, and I have enjoyed something (sometimes many things) at every venue.

That being said, there are a few places I hope it never goes back to. Des Moines comes quickly to mind. The tournament was well run there, and we did some great sightseeing, but I've never had such a hard time getting enough tickets for our group. I am from Iowa, and I loved having it that close again, but I never want to have to fight for tickets like that again.

I enjoyed NYC, but if it is there again in the next few years, I'll probably miss my first one since 1989. I simply can't afford it. I spent 4-5 times as much as most places I go, and even over twice what Philly cost me. It was fun, and I got a good system down, and some great ideas, but it just wouldn't fly as a venue I could do repeatedly.

I don't think L.A. would be any cheaper, and logistically would be a nightmare. Not sure about Denver, but I know I'd make a ski trip out of that one, so it would be fun.

So, I guess I'm saying I don't want one permanent site, but I (a poor man) need it to be someplace affordable most years.

Also, I miss some of the campuses, but motels and restaurants , small arenas, parking (or airports) and (sometimes) remote locations make them impractical for future sites.

I'd like to weigh in on the whole perceived black stalling thing, but I never really noticed it being unwarranted, and no, I'm not the least bit bigoted. I guess I'll have to watch for it in the future.

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If you didn't feel a different buzz, energy, and excitement to the tournament this year, I doubt anything I could argue will convince you to feel something you didn't.  I would note, however, that virtually every wrestler interviewed on ESPN throughout the entire tournament specifically mentioned the electric atmosphere of wrestling in New York and MSG.  You're not going to hear that about St. Louis next year or Cleveland the year after that. 

I am glad you enjoyed the tournament ....on TV

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