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Positions we need to do something about ....

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I can't remember the match but it was on Mat 1.


First Position ....


Wrestler A is nearly lying flat on his back, but being careful not to place one blade down by arcing his head.  He his holding on to the foot of wrestler B for dear life.  Wrestler B is sitting up, behind the legs of wrestler A but his foot is held at about wrestler A's chin so wrestler B is doing something like a split.   Wrestler B is looking down at wrestler A and is working to position his foot and shift his weight to put wrestler A's blades onto the mat ... who again, is on his back and is concerned about the pin.


This is the situation for a bit.  And then the ref suddenly awards 2 to wrestler B.  Wrestler A is a bit surprised and starts to squirm since swipes are happening.  Takes a bit but is able to bail after a few swipes.  


I think it was right to award 2 and that it should have been called sooner.   In other matches, I saw this happen and no 2 was awarded.  It should be one way or another.  I say give the 2.



Second position ....

From neutral, wrestler A shoots in and wrestler B drapes over the back.  Wrestler A begins to stack wrestler B .... B's blades are VERY EXPOSED.  Wrestler B is squirming but wrestler A is slowly but surely positioning wrestler B for the fall.  Again, wrestler A is purposefully putting wrestler B's shoulder blades to the mat!!!  There is purpose and intent!!  The crowd is going nuts.  But no points are being awarded.  Eventually, time runs out or wrestler B is eventually able to get out of the danger situation.


To pretend that wrestler A is not controlling the placement of wrestler B's blades is outrageous.  We need to find a way to reward wrestler A.



How about this .... if wrestler A that 'should' get nearfall points has not been awarded control yet, should a count be created like we are doing now for some stalling situations (dropping to a leg).  If the ref yells danger count and then gets to three and the wrestler in danger can not get out of danger by the third count, 2 points are awarded for control and then the count can continue to four.  If get to four then 2 points for control and 4 back points are given.  If don't get to four but did get to three, then award 2 back points.


We have to reward wrestlers that put their opponents in danger of getting pinned.  Open to other suggestions.

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I do see the situation occur with funk rolls. And yes, similar to pic above but in my situation, person with foot being held is further behind hips and body is more turned in to wrestler holding the foot.

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Holding Exposure independent of takedowns is interesting...  Not sure how that would work though....


So, if two wrestlers are in a scramble from the neutral position and  wrestler A holds wrestler B in criteria for a set count they should be awarded points?


 I guess you would see a lot of scrambles ending in takedowns from people bellying down when they hear a count.


 Or they would belly down when the count neared the end and then revert back to that position like we see with the side clinch and dropping down to the leg......


Not sure what the answer is...

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