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Ohio TofC: National Individual Team & Club Championships

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National Individual Team & Club Championships


April 23, 2016 - Columbus Convention Center - Columbus, OH

      Think you have, or are a member of, the toughest overall wrestling Team or Club Wrestling Program in the United States? Now is the time to prove it. This year's Ohio Tournament of Champions (http://www.ohiotofc.com) introduces the National Team and Club Championships, based on the individual place finish of the wrestlers.

      While still an Individual Tournament, with awards being presented to the top 8 place finishers in each age/weight class, major awards, up to $1500 in value, will be presented to the top Clubs & Teams, in four different categories (Small School Team, Large School Team, Small Club, Large Club/State Team). These awards will range from free wrestling clinics, free wrestling camps, free custom wrestling gear, free Flo Pro memberships, free Defense Soap and much more.      

      Already, 21 Clubs/Teams have signed up to participate, representing 9 states, and a number of others have registered, but have not paid the entry fee yet. For more information on the Team Competition, as well as a more detailed list of awards to be given out, visit: https://ohiotofc.com/page/3-club-team-competition

      What is unique about this concept is that Clubs/Teams can enter all of their wrestlers, regardless of age/weight, and do not have to designate any point scorers. Based on the category of Team they are, their top X number of place finishers will count towards their overall points. Members of Teams/Clubs also do not have to meet any other qualifications, in order to compete.

      Those wrestlers who wish to enter and are not part of a registered team or club may still do so, but do need to meet one of the qualification standards or exemptions - https://ohiotofc.com/tournaments/qualifiers

     Note: There will also be a Team Title in the Open Division, but no major awards will be presented.

      Registration for this year's Ohio TofC continues thru April 18 and close to 2800 wrestlers are expected to compete, making it the largest one day amateur wrestling tournament in the United States.

      How tough is the TofC. Well, 26 of this year's NCAA All Americans were former TofC participants, including 5 champions. Other TofC regulars have included: Logan Stieber (6X Champ), Kyle Dake (1X Champ; 4X Placer), David Taylor (2X Champ), Mark Hall (6X Champ), Luke Pletcher (9X Champ), Cade Olivas (7X Champ), Eric Tannenbaum (5X Champ),  and Jon Reader (10X Champ).

      We look forward to seeing YOU at this year's event and mark your calendars for our 25th Ohio TofC, to be held April 22, 2017.

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