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If this guy wins this weekend, it means we have the best chance at a medal...

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Cox at this weight is super intriguing, but I'm concerned about the cut, the guy is huge.

Cox repeatedly stated in a radio interview just a few days after NCAA's that making 189.5 was NOT an issue. Coach Smith stated the same. J'Den mentioned that he weighed in at 192 vs Nebraska I believe.


I am more concerned with the depth and quality of this field than the weight cut.

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I kind of think the whole premise of the thread is off.  Why would Garrett winning 57kg mean we are more likely to medal at Rio than if someone else did?  If Graff looks like he did at Farrell (minus the first part of the Micic match), why could he not medal?  If Scott wins in dominant fashion, you have a guy who already has an Olympic medal peaking at the right time as he adjusts to a new weight... why could he not do it again? 


It is not as fun to talk about, but the point is for most of the wrestlers in the field, if they are good enough to win this tournament in decisive fashion, they are good enough (with a favorable draw and a couple of breaks) to win an Olympic medal.  It's more about the how than the who.  

The premise of the thread is that there are known quantities and there are still-developing as yet unknown quantities.  The known quantities (Metcalf, Herbert, Ramos, for example) may be better, on average, than some up-and-comers.  But their winning the trials would be disappointing because it means that we already know that our representative will be a significant underdog to get on the medal stand.  

On the other hand, we have a number of guys that are still very unknown in terms of their ultimate potential in freestyle and/or at their new weight in freestyle.  Their winning the trials would signal that they've made strides forward, beyond that of the old guard.  AND we don't know if they may still be on the upswing in terms of further development.  

If you watch international wrestling much, you know that Herbert, Ramos, Metcalf inspire not much hope to medal.  Other guys winning this weekend would inspire more hope.  In my opinion, the guys I listed would inspire the most hope if they won, because of the implications of their progress that would come with their victory.

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