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Sunday @ Olympic Trials Thread

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Some very interesting First Round FS matches :


57 kg

Tomasello vs Megaludis

Escobedo vs Garrett


74 kg

Massa vs Hall


86 kg

Cox vs Foster

Ruth vs Winn

Perry vs Caldwell


97 kg

Cabell vs Kilgore

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Looking at 86 kg, there are some really interesting potential 2nd round matchups. On the top half Herbert v. Cox could be really interesting. On the bottom, Reader v. Taylor is a real contrast in styles. Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't recall Taylor and Reader ever wrestling before. Taylor obviously has a technical advantage, but it could be a real test of whether he is a true 86 yet, because Reader is a bull.

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74kg top bracket is amazing to think about:


Mark Hall vs Massa: two future greats. I think Hall beats Massa but it's close. I think Hall has some chance of upsetting Howe. My logic is simply that Valencia almost did it, so why not Hall. That said, Howe's the favorite. 


Howe vs Dieringer: I think Ringer can beat Howe. Howe is good but never had the kind of scoring capability that Ringer has. Howe couldn't beat Dake or Taylor. He couldn't beat the most dynamic wrestlers. 

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Damn Garrett is slick. Just blast doubled Escobedo right to his back and added in a turn for good measure. He's up 7-4. Meanwhile Colon vs Blanc is a scoring fest. Nice four pointer from Colon and it's 10-6 at the end of the first. 


Meanwhile Garrett is busting things right open and gets a pushout and is up 8-4! Garrett looks FAST.

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