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Sunday @ Olympic Trials Thread

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Nashon over Ramos... Calling it now. 

It wouldn't surprise me. It's a complete unknown. Ramos is not unbeatable and so far as freestyle, Nahshon is a complete unknown... and Nahshon has a kind of speed and dynamism that we haven't see at 57kg in many of our guys. 

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Mega with lots of blood off of front of nose I think.  Many blook breaks.  Up 3-0 vs Tomasello.  Tomasello can't get into legs.  A few blast doubles that have knocked Mega back but never gets a grip.    Now in on legs.  But mega gets ankle.  Tom nearly with a turn but no ... then gets behind as Mega makes a beeline out of bounds and Tom with last ditch effort to get him down and it works for four!!  Basically pulled Mega around and on top of him.  Was it out of bounds ... a challenge.  And challenge wins, guessing OOB.


T with pushout and now 2, 4-3 lead and wins!!!!!!

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