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Sunday @ Olympic Trials Thread

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Garrett blew it ... he tried to stall for virtually the entire last minute. Ramos was (correctly, I think) awarded a stall point and Garrett couldn't find a shot in the end. Well done Ramos. Except for the congratulatory stuff at the end. Nahshon is the future of this weight class.

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Ramos / Garrett!!!


Ramos with hands down and center.  Ready for double.  Ramos controlling center.    Garrett with BLAST double, lifts up high!   but Ramos bellies out!  2-0 Garrett!  Let's goooo!!!!


Garrett working 2 on 1's.  Ramos still controlling middle.   Garrett cat like shot to a single.  Leg up, pushes Ramos OOB.  3-0.   Garrett fires again.  Should be passive on Ramos by now.  He's done nothing.  Ramos fires but completely misses.  Another 2 on 1 for Garrett.  Nada.  Garrett just sticking his left leg out there in Ramos' face but Ramos not grabbing it.  


Garrett has Koll and Grey in corner.  

2nd period.  Announcer agrees that Ramos isn't doing enough.   Shot by Ramos but nothing.  Nahson constantly threatening wieth head fakes.  Garrett tries a drag but no.  Passive Garrett?  TOO FUNNY!!!    Ramos fires, gets to leg but loses it fast.  Was very prepared for Garrett reshot.    ... flurry but whistle.  Garrett on shot clock.  To leg and lifts!  But Garrett loses grip / Ramos gets away ... Then Ramos works behind for 2!  3-2 match.  1 min to go.

Garrett in but Ramos underhooks work.  Nothing.  29 sec.   Ramos shot.  no.   1 red what!!!! saying Garrett fleeing.  What!!  THAT IS BULL****!!!



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I know people are going to freak out about that call, but it's been explained a couple of different places that while we look for passivities based on shots, like stalling, it's not.  It's about who's controlling the center of the mat.  Garrett was backing up a lot.


That said, they way Garrett moves is incredible.  It's hard to see anybody but him winning this weight starting next year, provided he sticks with it.

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