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What's up with Greco world power Turkey: only 1 of 6 weights qualified?

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I didn't notice this until looking through nations' totals of qualified wrestlers today: Turkey has only 1 of the 6 weights qualified.  That seems shocking.  They've finished 2nd, 7th, 3rd, and 7th at the last 4 world championships in Greco and had 7 of 7 weights qualified for the last Olympics.  


Is it some elaborate plan to lose a bunch of matches and stay unqualified so people buy tickets for next weekend's event to watch the hometown boys?  Will the home cooking next weekend be enough to get a chunk of their team qualified (only 1 of the 5 unqualified weights really came close to qualifying in Mongolia)?

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Also...a post I made from another thread:


Some interesting data heading into the last-chance qualifier:

58 NOCs (nations) have reps so far this cycle, while 60 had reps by this point in 2012.  

5 new NOCs earned berths in at least one style at the 2012 last-chance qualifier (6 additional NOCs were eventually added through tripartite commission berths for developing nations and the host Great Britain)

17 NOCs that eventually had reps last Olympics do not now (most of those were tripartite commission spots or were earned by fringe nations at the weak Africa and Pan Am qualifiers)

4 NOCs have reps so far this cycle that did not last time (Bahrain, Chinese Taipei, Israel, Netherlands)


Notably missing thus far are Tajikistan, who had 4 guys in the 7 freestyle weights in 2012, and Czech Republic, Croatia, and Austria in Greco (Croatia had 2 guys in 2012 and have had a couple medals in the past 5 years)

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