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'Milkman' delivers heartbreaking, human history

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Another trip back in time, as I tell the stories of two successful wrestlers of the past whose lives ended tragically -- Oklahoma State's Dick Beattie, and Cornell College's Rodger "the Milkman" Snook...






(Edited to add photos -- Beattie on left)

Dick Beattie Oklahoma State NWHOF edited.jpg

Rodger Snook 1947 Cornell Col team pic edited.jpg

Edited by ideamark

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Thanks for sharing I have always been a fan and history of our great sport.  Growing up in Waterloo, IA I was fortunate to have sat in living rooms of some of the greats and listened to stories of wrestling greats such as Tom Peckam, the Buzzard brothers plus countless stories on West Waterloo studs.  Good times!

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