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Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin

IOC banned to Lebedev!

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if you put "Lebedev" into Cyrillic "лебедев" and run it through Google you get some Russian language news stories. If you use Chrome you can run the whole web page through Google translate at once. Not perfect but better than nothing.








seems to be some conflicting reports as to if Bogomoev will get to wrestle or if Russia will not be able to send anyone. But they all say that Lebedev is out because he failed a drug test as a junior and the one thing the IOC did in their ruling on the doping scandal was that anyone who ever tested positive for PEDs, regardless of if they have completed their punishment, will be banned from the Rio Games. 


Some other Russian athletes seem to be affected by the ruling as well. Not sure I understand the point of it but if it gets Bogomoev in over Lebedev it would be a correction of an injustice, albeit for completely unrelated reasons. 

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Report: Lebedev Out for Rio

Written by: Alex Steen in International Wrestling, Wrestling News Wire 07/25/2016 0


49 North Wrestling reports that Viktor Lebedev was sanctioned as a Junior for performance enhancing drugs (PEDs). Because part of the IOC’s ruling yesterday was that no athlete who had ever been sanctioned for drugs would be allowed to take part in Rio, Lebedev is out. The report cites Aleksandr Bogomoev, Dzahamal Otarsultanov and Ghadzi Rashidov as possible replacements.

However, it has been reported elsewhere that India will not be allowed to replace Narsingh Yadav, who failed a doping test recently, on their Olympic roster. Apparently an injury replacement would be allowed, but not a replacement due to a doping suspension. Russia’s case is a bit different as the extra criteria put upon them by the IOC have pushed them outside of the norm, but the argument could be made that no replacement should be allowed for Lebedev.

That said, there would be some justice in seeing Bogomoev, in particular, head to Rio. He was one of the wrestlers caught up in the officiating scandal that enveloped Russian Nationals this year. While Ismail Musukaev, he was the one who wrestled Lebedev in the match that kicked off all the controversy and led to Dagestani boycotts of the tournament, does not appear to be in consideration, Bogomoev was awarded a gold medal alongside Lebdev after their final match was also dubiously officiated.

Expect legal maneuvers from the Lebedev camp and Russia in the coming days to try to overcome this additional hurdle. The rule seems clear cut and suggests that Lebedev would be out, but under these extraordinary circumstances, it would be shocking to see anyone accept their ban without lawyers getting involved. In the end, Bogomoev would be a fitting representative from Russia, but this situation isn’t settled yet.

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Some reports are saying that the banning of athletes with previous positive tests may not hold up. Apparently the issue of banning such athletes just based on the evidence of previous positive tests has already been arbitrated before and it didn't hold up. That sets a court precedence those athletes can likely use to fight this IOC decision. So unless more evidence related to this testing issue is available, like a list of actual names, those athlete may be able to get a ruling allowing them to compete anyway.

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