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Mongolia Olympic Line Up

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Hi all


Here is my take on Mongolian team at the Olympics. Our World medalists Nomin 60kg and Tserenchimed 58kg are staying at home. It would have been unheard of 4 years ago, but our wrestling has come a long way in terms of depth. 


57kg - Bekhbayar - 2015 Bronze medallist - He will get at least a bronze medal, even make the finals if his draw does not include Khinchigeshvili. 


65kg - Mandakhnaran - In probably his last Olympics, the veteran will give his all. Hope he will do enough to medal. Nomin would have been a more threat but he is young and can wrestle for 2020. 


74kg - Unurbat - 2015 Silver medalist will be in form to get his first Olympic medal. Barring a draw on the side of JB or Geduev (Russian rep), he will medal for sure. 


86kg - Uitumen - He burned through the Asian qualifier, hope he wins couple of matches 


97kg - Khuderbulga - He finally qualified in the final Asian qualifiers. Hope he wins a match


125kg - Chuluunbat - Chuka will win couple of matches, barring any lingering injuries. He is unlucky in Olympics, he almost pinned Makhov in London, but did not get the fall. 


Female Wrestling


53kg - Sumiya - She was disqualified due to Meldonium, but reinstated by WADA. Hope she wins couple of matches


58kg - Orkhon - She got the nod over Sukhee because she could beat Icho. She will medal if not in the final. She lost the final in Asian qualifiers but she will be quality


63kg - Battsetseg - All She Sees is Gold. She will settle for nothing less than a Gold. She will tech every opponent to the finals


69kg - Nasanburmaa - The veteran will win couple of matches for sure and may medal at the end of the day


Wishing everyone a great Olympic wrestling show!





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