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I take issue with Burroughs being destroyed. He lost a tough match to the eventual silver medalist (who perhaps should have won) and then quit. That is different than being destroyed. Actually I think quitting is worse. But he seems to be trying to atone for that. 


I agree with Cox analysis. If he is on and wrestling tactical I like his chances. If he has any kind of brain lock (Taylor number one) then there is little room for error. I see him as a possible medal but not to win.


Zain - close but par terre on top is weak (bow and arrow takes too much time). Lots of little international technique needed. I think he has potential but needs fine tuning in the style.


Gilman - Seems to have found his style.  Like a Saunders or Jackson. Did not win the title but maybe considered the best wrestler in that weight area. He seems comfortable wrestling FS and the pressure is off. I think that works for him. As a little guy he was also having so much fun.


Steiber - boy did a lot of guys come up to him. And scouted now. I see him giving up something and the depth being able to block off with a lead.


Snyder - Sadulaev - I think size gives it to Snyder this year. After this year all bets are off.


Wow, Burroughs quit?  


First time I've read that.   I prefer to give all credit to the opponent who blitzed the 4 time Olympic/world champion and was relentless in his efforts.   It was a dismantling unlike any I've see Burroughs take, save for perhaps vs Tsargush at the 2014 Worlds.    This to me is about redemption and about recapturing respect.       I hope he can do it.   I have him top 5.

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Here to eat crow.   I was tough on USA and did not give any benefits of the doubt,   They wrestled significantly better and far exceeded not only my expectations but also what I believed was possible.   burroughs proved it.  He is the man.  USA proved it.     A huge kudos to all.  

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