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Mongolian coaches

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The fleeing call was absolutely the right call.  This is similar to what happened in the Garret/Ramos match @ OTT except the last 5 seconds here were much more obvious.  The ref is suppose to call passive if one wrestler is not "presenting himself" to wrestle and the Mongolian obviously wasn't.  In the last 30 seconds the passive call has to be a point as there is no option to put him on the clock. My understanding of the rules is that the awarding of the point has to be unanimous (ref and both mat judges)  In all the commotion I don't know if the Mongolians actually determined if it was unanimous or not.

The call is right. That situation is explained very clear in every rules curse and they had to know it at this elite level.

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From what I saw, he engaged until there was about 8 seconds left. Then he started backing away and began celebrating with about 3 sec on the clock. I don't agree w the penalty point being assessed.


Think back to the Garrett-Ramos match, when Nahshon celebrates much earlier in the final seconds. That was probably warranted, but it brought up a lot of conversation at the time.



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