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We had a relatively young junior team

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Our junior team is reasonably young and I think many could be back for 1 or 2 more years.  I don't have exact birth dates but Lee, and Fix will graduate HS in 2017 so they are probably 1st year Jrs. (18 yo) (I'm pretty sure Lee petitioned in last year @ 17) Hall and Wood graduated in 2016 so they are around 18 or 19. I think Hall turned 19 this year so he would have 1 year of Jrs left.   I'm guessing Zahid V also has 1 year left but I'm not sure of that.


I know Alex P is done with Jrs (born in 96) I would also guess that S Gross & K Moore were in their last year of Jrs although I don't know their birth years.  


Obviously it is widely expected that Fix and Lee will square off for the 55kg spot next year.  What are the chances that the other 3 will be back for another shot @ Jr medals?

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Lemon Pie, if you listen to Fix's post Bronze medal match interview, he said he's coming back to Jr.'s next year. I know it's early days and things can change over the course of the next 6, 8, or 9 months from now. But I think we'll see Daton back at Jr.'s unless he wins the spot at 57 Kg. for the Senior team. Which isn't out of the realm of possibilities. But I think all lot of it depends on who's still in the mix come 2017. I would tend to think that Fix is a little young still to make the Senior team.

Putting the Senior team aside for a second though, I am curious to see how this is all going to work out between Fix, and Lee. Does Fix move to 60 and Lee to 55? Or do we see what we saw this year, with Lee coming back at 50, and Daton at 55.

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55- Lee (Fix will be going to senior worlds)



It would be nice if he really progresses that far, but I'm not sure it's realistic.  Remember we just had a 55kg junior world medalist (Micic) last year that was seemingly as good as any other junior in the world.  He couldn't even crack our top 11 or 12 and get into the OTTs.  There's a big jump to the senior level.  Fix's loss at juniors was to a 3rd year junior who still isn't in Russia's senior top 10.  And his big win over the "European senior silver medalist" Yatsenko needs to be kept in perspective also.  Euro's this year were almost all 3rd stringers and juniors because the European olympic qualifier was just after that and it was an Olympic year where the Euro title meant very little.  Yatsenko then got a UWW super draw--facing only one legitimate wrestling nation's junior guy before the final and then getting squashed by Russia's #4 once he got there.  


Micic has been breathtaking at moments in the last 18 months, showing he could beat anyone from the US on the right day and probably score on anyone in the world.  But he's also had a lot of "junior" moments.  I think Fix is probably in that same boat...he's most likely capable of getting a win against our best, but he'll also lose his fair share when he has to face top-shelf senior-level competition for a whole tournament at this point in his career.

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50 - Lee - Back

55 - Daton - Back

60 - Gross - Pretty sure done

66 - Pantaleo - done

74 - Hall - Back

84 - Zahid - Back

96 - Moore - Back

120 - Wood - Back


Could some of these guys, like Hall and maybe Valencia opt for the University Worlds instead?  I guess Junior WCs get more attention, but Unis might be a good venue to test the waters before making the leap to Senior level.

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