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All-Star Classic - What do you want?

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157/165... at the top Tier, the level of parity is pretty amazing.  There is no "clear cut" guy that dominates those two weight classes.  Now, before you say, what about Nolf at 157... this isn't my argument... my argument is across BOTH weight classes.  Although IMART is already a 2x NCAA Champ, besides Nolf (who is clearly top tier wrestler), who has he "really" beaten that is "top tier"?  On top of that, those matches that he does win, are by the slimmest of margins.  IMART will have some close battles with Lewis and Zeke methinks.  The other "top flight" guys at the other weight classes have incredible credentials and/or bonus results (i.e. Zain, Snyder, Cox).  I like IMART, and what he brings to the sport, I just don't think that "notch" is very far off of where he is currently.

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