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Weight class rankings by nation's performance: 86kg

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The Simple Rating System (SRS) is a common algorithm used as a starting point for determining point spreads.  It has a high level of predictive performance across many sports platforms, as it isolates "true ability" as it pertains to results within the context of schedule.  It is most predictive when it considers point differentials of game/match results.  Alternatively, it maintains strong predictive ability while also maintaining more "reward" or ranking intuitiveness when a standard point differential result is assigned to all matches.  


Below, I have used the SRS algorithm with a standard assigned 100-point result differential per match to slot the top 86kg wrestling nations using the 217 world championship, Olympic qualifying, and Olympic tournament matches that have been wrestled since 2014.  I have weighted 2014 world championship matches X 1, 2015 worlds and the six Olympic qualifying events X 2, and the 2016 Olympic tournament matches X 3.


Here are the results (100 is an average SRS grade here):


1. Russia 257

2. Turkey 226

3. United States 188

4. Azerbaijan 186

5. Iran 184

6. Cuba 167

7. Bulgaria 165

8. Venezuela 154

9. Georgia 153

10. Poland 147

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