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Senior Day tomorrow for Virginia Tech

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I just wanted to take a moment & thank this group of Hokie Seniors who have been the foundation for where Virginia Tech Wrestling has come over the last 5 years & how they have set a tremendous example for VT Wrestling in the future.


This group includes Jarrod Garnett, Jesse Dong, Pete Yates, Dave Marone as well as a couple guys who graduated last year in Matt Epperly & Tommy Spellman. These young men have been the winning-est group in the history of the program & have done so only a couple of years removed from serious concerns that the program may be cut entirely. Now with Coach Dresser and the hard work of these young men, this program is not only nationally recognized, but is one of Virginia Tech's best athletic programs!


Tomorrow at 2pm #9 Virginia Tech will face #16 Oklahoma in what will be their last home match inside Cassell Coliseum and I urge everyone in the area to get out to Cassell and show your appreciation for everything these men have done to elevate this program to where it is today.

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Unfortunately, OU simply doesn't currently have the depth of talent to juggle the lineup much. Justin DeAngelis at 157 is the only really good backup that isn't being redshirted. Nick Lester will probably make it a decent match at 149. Cody Brewer is the best freshman in the kineup, he's had a redshirt year.the other freshman in the lineup haven't redshirted.


I am impressed with what Kevin Dresser has done with VA Tech. I wish Devin Carter wasn't redshirting just so he and Maple woud be wrestling.


Next year OU will look a lot different with Patterson, Howe, and Rutt in the lineup. Garcia and Reed probably redshirt next year. I'll look froward to seeing VA tech in Norman next year.

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