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Dan Gable’s Timeless Tactics (Part 1)

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The amount of valuable advice Coach Gable presented in this 2-part podcast was amazing!

Coach Dan Gable joins me and Jason Bryant for part one of a two-part series on independent and dependent practice situations and scenarios.

In Episode 15, we learn:

-How to build a year long peaking system for athletes of all ages with the right goals in mind
-Keeping the interest up and building champions
-What is Independence — What is dependence
-Tips for youth and beginning coaches
-How to read a team and figure out what they want quickly
-Discover the nature of building championship sports for the long run
-How good coaches prepare for practice and manage their athletes once they get going
-One thing Coach gable NEVER did that many coaches think you have to do
-The importance of the warm up and what a real warm up is really like
-A mistake 99% of high school and youth coaches make and how to battle it
-Why you have to be able to let go, no matter how hard it is
-The importance of knowing how to cater to every level in your practice room

Click here to catch all of this and more right now=>>


I hope you check out this podcast and please shoot me any questions.

-Coach Weber

P.S. Be sure to stay tuned for part two of this series. I'll be honest, I think both parts are very valuable but Coach Gable and myself truly get on a roll in the second half...

CLICK HERE=>> https://www.attackstylewrestling.com/dan-gables-timeless-tactics/?utm_campaign=aswpodcast&utm_medium=forum&utm_source=themat&utm_content=ep15

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