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Is ISU wrestling back ups?

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Looks like flo crapped out. Hope this isn't a bad omen for the season. 



. FLO framerate was about 5. It felt like I was watching security footage from a cheap liquor store






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Anyone else watch Gross last night and think he will be a legit contender at 133? Boston is not a slouch and Gross totally dominated.

Gross looked amazing. I don't know about title contender but def AA potential. Not sure he can beat the top tier (NATO, Clark, Richards).


Excited to keep watching him. SDSU looks way better than expected and Gross is a big part of that.

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Boston doesn't look that big at 133. It's a shame he can't make 125.

His length is keeping him out of 125 and it could eventually push him out of 133 before he graduates. He's going to have to just learn to work around strength advantage many top 133 guys will have over him and hope as he tries to pack on more of his own he doesn't end up at 141. Edited by MadMardigain

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Here are some results for Nathan Boston in past years against top flight guys.


L 4-0 to Tommy Thorn

L 5-2 to Zach Horan

L 5-0 to Dean Heil

L 3-2 to Joey Dance

L 5-1 to Alan Waters



Nobody has whooped up on him like Seth Gross did last night. Gross is going to be a very tough out even for the best guys at 133. 

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SDSU results


165: Luke Zilverberg (SDSU) maj. dec. Colston DiBlasi (ISU), 14-2.


174: David Kocer (SDSU) dec. Lelund Weatherspoon (ISU), 3-1.


184: Martin Mueller (SDSU) maj. dec. Carson Powell (ISU), 19-6.


197: Patrick Downey III (ISU) dec. Nate Rotert (SDSU), 8-6.


285: Alex Macki (SDSU) dec. Nick Nolting (ISU), 3-1.


125: Kyle Larson (ISU) dec. Ben Gillette (SDSU), 6-1.


133: Seth Gross (SDSU) tech-fall Nathan Boston (ISU), 16-0.


141: John Meeks (ISU) dec. Henry Pohlmeyer (SDSU), 5-3.


149: Alex Kocer (SDSU) tech-fall Blayne Briceno (ISU), 17-2.


157: Colin Holler (SDSU) dec. Renaldo Rodriguez-Spencer (ISU), 5-2.


FINAL: 27-9 (SDSU)


NDSU results


133: Nathan Boston (ISU) maj. dec. Albert Landeros (NDSU), 15-5. (2:15 RT)


141: John Meeks (ISU) dec. Joe Umlauf (NDSU), 11-4.


149: Mitch Friedman (NDSU) dec. Blayne Briceno (ISU), 5-4.


157: Clay Ream (NDSU) Renaldo Rodriguez-Spencer (ISU), 19-5.


165: Andrew Fogarty (NDSU) dec. Dane Pestano (ISU), 10-7.


174: Lelund Weatherspoon (ISU) dec. Carter Nielsen (NDSU), 11-4. (1:16 RT)


184: Patrick Downey III (ISU) fall Tyler McNutt (NDSU), 1:54.


197: Cordell Eaton (NDSU) maj. dec. Joe Teague (ISU), 12-4.


285: Ben Tynan (NDSU) fall Samuel Colbray (ISU), 4:04.


125: Josh Rodriguez (NDSU) tech. fall. Kyle Larson (ISU), 24-9.


FINAL: 24-16 (NDSU)



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