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Who is Amouzadeh? Lol


he is around for a while lol

now I can confirm that was a mistake, Biabani  won his next match vs Heidari 4-3, Amouzadeh also lost to Nasiri 4-2. now only Nasiri is undefeated ! with 4 wrestlers remaining he has to beat Nasiri next round to stay alive, otherwise the final will be between Nasiri and the winner of Ghiasi/Amouzadeh match.


@ 57, Atri beat the rest but not convincing at all, probably the best outcome for Rahimi.


@ 74 , only 3 are still alive, Yarahmadi, Ghiasi and Eliasi


@97, Ramezanian is out losing 12-4 to Goleij. Amir Mohammadi beat Tahan 4-2. next round between Mohammadi and Goleij is crucial, if Mohammadi wins he wll be in the final vs Tahan but if Goleij wins there will be a 3 way tiebreak,

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So it's Biabani vs Nasiri next? I saw Biabani's win over Koulivand and he looked very small for the weight. 


yes and Ghiasi vs Amouzadeh, both of them lost to Nasiri.


next round



Atri vs Tahmasebizadeh

Hajaghania bye



Nasiri vs Biabani

Ghiasi vs Amouzadeh



Eliasi vs Yarahmadi

Ghiasi bye



Mohammadi vs Goleij

Rahimi vs Tahan




Nasiri won 4-2. he is in the final

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This Iran team could be crap with Nasiri and Tahan/Mohammadi. Especially if Rahimi can't go and they send Atri. 


Yep. agreed. disappointed to see Mohammadi and Tahan in the final (assuming Tahan will beat Hassan Rahimi ) Goleij probably moved up weight a bit late to adjust in time.

Edit: Rahimi beat Tahan ! Rahimi vs Mohammadi in the final


and the Greco team is much worse,

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lol rahimi himself is a horrible wrestler. Shows the quality of 97kg here. 


Rahimi was lucky with the draw, I highly doubt he would stand a chance against Goleij or Shahbazi. he is not the 2nd best wrestler in Iran for sure. Tahan is terribly unpredictable,   but today was Rahimi's day, who knows maybe he even beats Mohammadi ! lol (Mohammadi wins the 1st match 5-1)


I don't know if that was logical to count on Goleij but I was expecting more from him and also from Ramezanian.

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Here are the finals, finals are best of 3 but double elimination round results are counted as well



Reza Atri (Mazandaran) vs Nader Hajaghania (Kerman)

* Atri leads 1-0 beat him once 10-8



Meisam Nassiri (Zanjan) vs Farzad Amouzadeh (Mazandaran)

* Nassiri leads 1-0 beat him once 4-2



Peiman Yarahmadi (Lorestan) vs Hossein Eliasi (Mazandaran)

* Both were undefeated, didn't face each other yet, will start from 0-0



Amir Mohammadi (North Khorasan) vs Hassan Rahimi (Tehran)

* Mohammadi leads 1-0 beat him once 5-1







Mohammad Eliasi (Khuzestan) vs Amin Souri (Khuzestan)

* Eliasi leads 1-0 beat him once 3-2



Payam Bouyeri (Khuzestan) vs Shayan Afifi (East Azarbaijan)

* Bouyeri leads 1-0 beat him once 3-0. but he is not undefeated, he lost a match 6-2 to Hadi Alizadeh.



Hossein Nouri (Zanjan) vs Saman Azizi (Kurdistan)

* Nouri leads 1-0 beat him once 6-4



Shahab Ghourehjili (Tehran) vs Behnam Mehdizadeh (Tehran)

* Ghourehjili leads 1-0 beat him once 3-3

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here are the winners , no surprise in freestyle while we had two surprising winners in Greco.


57: Reza Atri 2-0 Nader Hajaghania / 10-8 and 8-5

65: Meisam Nasiri 2-0 Farzad Amouzadeh / 4-2 and 5-3

74: Peiman Yarahmadi bt. Hossein Eliasi / 12-2 and Eliasi got injured and didn't show up for the 2nd final

97: Amir Mohammadi 2-0 Hassan Rahimi / 5-1 and 5-2



66: Mohammad Eliasi 2-0 Amin Souri / 3-2 and 4-1

75: Payam Bouyeri 2-0 Shayan Afifi / 3-0 and 7-2

85: Hossein Nouri 2-1 Saman Azizi / 6-4, 1-5 and 4-2

130: Shahab Ghourehjili 2-1 Behnam Mehdizadeh / 3-3, 1-2, 2-1

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2nd day draw, unlike the 1st day, we have all the favorites here.


61kg (7)

Mohammad Namjoo-Motlagh

Mehran Nasiri

Iman Sadeghi

Mohammad Maleki

Masoud Esmaeilpour

Pejman Jorbonyan

Behnam Ehsanpour


* all favorites are here, Esmaeilpour and Ehsanpour, also Sadeghi. and we should not forget Mehran Nasir, he had a very close match with Esmaeilpour couple weeks ago which ended up in almost a fight.


70kg (7)

Saeid Dadashpour

Saeid Salehi

Jamal Ebadi

Teymour Ganjolia

Asghar Jebeli

Hamed Rashidi

Mostafa Hosseinkhani


* Hosseinkhani is the favorite with Rashidi and Ebadi behind him. nobody missed the competition.


86kg (10)

Alireza Karimi

Hassan Yazdani

Kamran Ghasempour

Vahid Shahmohammadi

Mohammad Javad Ebrahimi

Hanif Bagherzadeh

1st round: Nader Hamedipour vs Esmaeil Mahmoudi

1st round: Jamal Ramezani vs Ezzatollah Akbari


* Karimi and Yazdani are listed after each other but I doubt they will wrestle in the 1st match. that's the match everybody wants to see. other notable wrestlers are Ebrahimi and former world silver medalist Akbari.


125kg (11)

Komeil Ghasemi

Yadollah Mohebbi

Saeid Amiri

Amir Reza Amiri

Mehran Mirzaei

1st round: Jaber Sadeghzadeh vs Amin Taheri

1st round: Jafar Shams-Nateri vs Pouria Rahmani

1st round: Amir Hossein Mirbabashahi vs Reza Mousavi


* we will see if Mohebbi or Taheri can challenge Ghasemi here. also don't forget Sadeghzadeh who was supposed to focus only on freestyle t be prepared here.






59kg (10)

Mohammad Nourbakhsh

Meisam Delkhani

Shirzad Beheshti

Abdolmohammad Papi

Ayoub Geravand

Mosayeb Akbari

1st round: Mehrdad Mardani vs Bagher Tavakolian

1st round: Hossein Geraei vs Mohsen Hajipour


* very weak competition, we hear these names Hajipour, Nourbakhsh, Beheshti and Papi for a decade and they never achieved anything ! hard to pick a favorite here, they all suck in world level.


71kg (12)

Mohammad Ali Geraei

Boroumand Aslan

Azim Garmsiri

Asghar Aali

1st round: Javad Saberipour vs Majid Khalili

1st round: Farshad Belfakkeh vs Mohammad Hassan Hosseini

1st round: Parham Ghanbari vs Afshin Eslami

1st round: Mehran Dadashi vs Hashem Mahmoudi


* Geraei if healthy is the top favorite here again a bunch a below average wrestlers.


80kg (11)

Yousef Ghaderian

Reza Mohammadalipour

Mehdi Mohammadzadeh

Saeid Keshavarz

Majid Dehghan

1st round: Mehdi Ebrahimi vs Keyvan Rezaei

1st round: Houshang Khalili vs Ali Zinati

1st round: Milad Khosravi vs Mehdi Hodaei


* with Ramin Taheri's late injury, there is no competition (at least on paper) for Ghaderian, interesting to see Mehdi Hodaei once again, he was the world team member 15 years in ago back in 2002 !!


98kg (8)

Mostafa Salehizadeh

Mehdi Aliyari

Amir Hossein Miri

Ali Akbar Heidari

Amir Hosseini

Mohammad Modarresi

Mohammad Yeganeh

Omid Eftekhari


* Early final in the 1st round with Salehizadeh and Aliyari. I believe with current rules Salehizadeh has a good chance to success in world level but Aliyari can scores big points with his gut wrench if he gets the chance.

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Hosseinkhani is still alive after beating Rashidi and Ebadi. but he, Dadashpour and Ebadi are remaining and they beat each other, I don't know what's the tiebreaking criteria here ! but if they only consider matches between them, Ebadi will be out.


but Karimi at 86 lost to Ebrahimi in a controversial match, next is Yazdani for him, if he loses he will be out without even making it to the final ! Yazdani teched all his opponents including Ezzatollah Akbari in 1st period so far.


Esmaeilpour and Ehsanpour beat the rest to face each other in the final


@ 120,  Komeil, Mohebbi and Taheri are left, Mohebbi pinned Taheri

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Yazdani beat Karimi 5-0. at least he didn't get teched !

Ebrahimi lost to Akbari 14-4, and withdrew from his match vs Yazdani. so the final will be Yazdani and Akbari. Yazdani leading 1-0


@120, Komeil lost 5-2 to Mohebbi, he had to beat Amin Taheri to stay alive, he was down 5-0 but had a great comeback to win 10-8. he will face Mohebbi once again in the final. Mohsebbi leading 1-0


@ Esmaelpour won the 1st final vs Ehsanpour by a very late pushout 2-1


@ 70kg, in a 3 way tiebreak, Ebadi finished 3rd despite losing just once, Hosseinkhani and Dadashpour are in the final, with Dadashpour leading 1-0.

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Greco finals, those I wrote first are leading 1-0


59: Mehrdad Mardani vs Mohsen Hajipour

71: Farshad Belfakkeh vs Boroumand Aslan

80: Yousef Ghaderian vs Majid Dehghan

98: Mostafa Salehizadeh vs Amir Hossein Hassani


* The only surprise was at 71, Geraei lost a match to Aslan by a late big throw and despite beating Belfakkeh, he lost a 3 way tiebreak and finished 3rd. I believe only Ghaderian and Salehizadeh have chance for meal at the worlds, the Greco team wll be very weak this time if they seriously send these guys to Paris


even though their medical committee accepted Abdevali's excuses, so I expect them to give him another chance.

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61 Behnam Ehsanpour 2-1 Masoud Esmaeilpour / 1-2, 4-0 and 4-1

70: Saeid Dadashpuor 2-1 Mostafa Hosseinkhani / 3-2, 2-5 and 4-3

86: Hassan Yazdani 2-0 Ezzatollah Akbari / 10-0 and 12-2

125: Yadollah Mohebbi 2-0 Komeil Ghasemi / 5-2 and 5-2


Greco finals

59: Mehrdad Mardani 2-0 Mohsen Hajipour

71: Farshad Belfakkeh 2-0 Boroumand Aslan

80: Yousef Ghaderian 2-0 Majid Dehghan

98: Mostafa Salehizadeh 2-0 Amir Hossein Hassani

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Let's take a look at the results


57kg, Reza Atri (Mazandaran)

He won the competition without losing a match , still not convincing. they say Rahimi will be ready to wrestle again in two weeks. I think they will either pick Rahimi or let them wrestle somewhere. I highly doubt they send Atri to the worlds without making him wrestle Rahimi.


61kg, Behnam Ehsanpour (Mazandaran)

won the competition, beating all his opponents, I think he was better than Esmaeilpour the whole day and confirmed that in he final. he will go to Paris for sure.


65kg, Meiam Nassiri (Zanjan)

He was pre-tournament favorite, won the competition without losing a single match,will be selected for the world team.


70kg, Saeid Dadashpour (Mazandaran)

Dadashpour is not young not good. he had few close wins, he even lost twice here, once to Ebadi and also to Hosseinkhani. I would give the spot to Ebadi he lost only once and was unlucky. Hosseinkhani except that last second mistake in 1st match was good the whole day except the last final, don't know what happened to him. Dadashpour has a good chance since he won the tournament but not convincingly, I won't be surprised if they make them wrestle again somewhere else. 


74kg, Peiman Yarahmadi (Lorestan)

pre-tournament favorite, won almost easily, he is already in the world team.


86kg, Hassan Yazdani (Mazandaran)

He teched everybody except Karimi which was still one-sided. a head and shoulder above anybody else in Iran and maybe the world.


97kg, Amir Mohammadi (North Khorasan)

I don't like him but he deserves the spot, he was undefeated, they have no other choice but picking him.


125kg, Yadollah Mohebbi (Kermanshah)

He beat Komeil twice, not convincing but still with two wins and since they already had eyes on him, he will be selected 99%



so I guess all trial winners will be selected except one or maybe two. 57kg and maybe 70kg.

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I think everyone knows this team sucks as it is today. Get Atri out of there since he is awful. Nasiri you cant do anything about him sadly. Why does he salute like a soldier after every match now? Lol. For some reason they can't produce a 97 other tha Yazdani despite having so many junior world champs at 84/96 over the past 6-7 years.

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Cool to see Peyman make the world team.  It would be very ironic if he drew the Israeli at some point in the world tournament.  

You have a great memory!


It'd be more sad than ironic.  We all know what HE would like to do if he draws an Israeli wrestler

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That documentary has completely disappeared correct? Harder to find than The Rolling Stones movie cocksucker blues



It appears so.


I found an online article that referred to the video, but when you click on it, it cannot find the video.


I am not familiar with the Rolling Stones movie that you refer to :)

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IAWF's technical committee's decisions about the trials, they are forming two teams, one for the Worlds, and another team for the Asian Indoor Games in Turkmenistan


no special decision about 61, 65, 74, 86 and 125 means the trial winner will go to Paris


70kg, Hosseinkhani, Ebadi and Dadashpour will train with the NT and coaches will decide about the world team member 


97kg: Goleij, Rahimi and Mohammadi , the same as 70kg


57kg, After 20-25 days Rahimi has to wrestle #3 of the trials (Tahmasebizadeh), if he wins, then against #2 (Hajaghania) and if he wins then he will wrestle Atri in best of 3 of make the world team.

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