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2017 NCAA Ticket Purchasing/Availability

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How does purchasing tickets to Nationals/ticket availability work?


For 2015 Nationals, I purchased tickets the day after Nationals in 2014, but the only seats they were selling then were ones in the top row.  I ended up buying them because I didn't want to be shut out, but I didn't know how it worked then, and I wanted to be lower after I got to Nationals.  It seemed as if people had purchased in the first few months of 2015 and had better seats than I, but maybe I'm wrong. 


I'm not a donor to OSU's program, so I don't have access to those in the OSU block either.


Tonight, when I checked Ticketmaster's website for available tickets outside of the Hospitality Package, none were available.


Does Ticketmaster hold tickets for sale to the general public until after each respective school responds back with how many they need for their block?  Are the leftovers then sold after each school reserves its block?


How does this all work?  I don't want to sit in the nosebleeds, but I don't want to purchase through the hospitality package.  If worse comes to worse, I'll purchase through Stubhub, but I'd prefer not to.


I appreciate any guidance.  

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My wife surprised me with tickets for Christmas. She purchased on stubhub. I have an 1 extra ticket in lower bowl. Send me your email address if you are interested and I'll send you the details.

dang, my lady is slacking big time.  I got a watch and a wallet,  and I haven't wore a watch in 15 years.

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Tickets to Nationals are unlike anything else in college wrestling. Fans can easily get great seats for nearly any dual, with a few exceptions (I would expect Iowa at PSU will be a tough ticket), and at most tournaments one can buy a decent ticket day-of. Not so for the D1 Nationals.


Until recently, the NCAA used to put most of the arena on sale exactly one year before the first round, so the 2013 Nationals in Des Moines went on sale on Ticketmaster around March 20, 2012, for example (give or take a day). Most of the likely buyers were in St. Louis watching the 2012 Nationals, as was I. We got online at 9 am, landed 2 great all-session lower level seats for a combined price of something like $500 for the pair, and went to watch Session 1 in STL. By 10 am or so, that year, most of the available seats were sold out on TM. As the calendar approached March of 2013, tickets like mine were selling through 3rd parties for well more than double what I'd paid. I monitored this and considered trading down to fund the trip, but kept the seats, which was worth it. Part of the reason for the elevated prices and huge demand clearly was the Des Moines location, which had both a slightly smaller arena and a rabid Iowa fan base.


Since that 2013 event, the NCAA now only sells upper level seats in advance on TM, and then provides all-session lower level seats for $800+ in a hospitality package through PrimeSport.com. They call it the NCAA Fan Experience, providing a few extras, like appetizers and a cash bar, but basically they triple the price of the best tickets. I think it's a way of stepping in front of the 3rd party sellers. Sometime in the January - March time frame, PrimeSport will start selling off any unsold lower level seats, usually by individual sessions though some are still all-session.


Of course, you will be able to find vastly elevated prices on StubHub and the like, but be ready to pay. Scalpers will certainly hover outside Scottrade before each session in March. We got in this way at MSG last March, with mixed results. In advance of the event, going through participating schools might be the best approach to getting a decent seat at face value. Schools are allotted tickets based largely on prior year results and if their fan base isn't all that active, they may help you out.


Any other ideas?

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