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Illinois vs. Ohio State

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Just got back from this dual. As it wasnt televised i will give a quick play by play...


125- Triggas flat the entire match, tried wrestling from one knee to defend against Delgados leg attacks, it didnt work, but he was able to thwart the major....barely.


133- Logans return to the mat was triumphant indeed. After about 40 seconds of feeling each other out Logan gets the TD, runs the claw, Thomas makes a fatal mistake by reaching back, gives up the bar and Logan executes his patented roll thru to half. Lights out. Logan arises screaming, flexing and fist pumps the crowd into a frenzy. Sets the tone for the rest of the night.


141- Hunter comes out of the gate quick and scores 3 TD's getting a turn for 3 backs in first couple periods. Slows the pace through the 3rd and wins comfortably.


149- Tessari and Ervin put on a scramble/funk clinic for the first period, with neither coming out with any points. Cam gets a TD and backs in the 2nd and holds on the remainder of the match for the win. His conditioning looks improved but still isnt quite where it needs to be but he gets the comfy win.


157- Demas wrestles way too conservative the entire first period but then hits the accelerator and reels of takedown after takedown (hit a few slick ducks) in the middle/latter part of the match, cutting his opponent 4x trying to eek out the major but falls short as it is jus a little too late.


165- Polz scores an escape and gets ride time for the slim 2-0 win. Entire match was hand fighting and position fighting in and out of bounds. Neither really getting in deep on any shots. Martin does a great job of not only keeping it to a decision but stays close enough to give himself a chance against a heavy favorite.


174- A typical Heflinesque match. Heflin has a knack for wrestling very low scoring matches that provide alot of action. Both score off the bottom and head to OT. Blanton takes a shot, misses and Heflin goes for the "go behind" doesnt quite get it and drops down to an outside single, gets it, a scramble ensues and Hef comes out on top for 2. Heflin goes crazy, the crowd goes crazy, all good things.


184- Not much happening in this match. Alot of banging in and out of bounds, yadda yadda. Score is 1-1 goin into the 3rd with Magrum choosing down. Dallago rides Magrum out for the RT and the win. Crowd goes bonkers as Dallago stall rides the crap out of Magrum.


197- WTF?? Lol. Courts bumps up to fill in for an injured Camp. First period is a bloodbath as Courts gets 2 TD as well as 2 tilts, both for 3. Is up 10-2 goin into the 2nd. Then Courts completely gasses out and pretty much stalls the rest of the match (only gets called twice) and is able to escape with a win. Had the match been in Iowa, Courts gets stall called 4x minimum. He just completely stopped wrestling. Horrid conditioning, but he wrestled so well in the 1st he was able to hold on. Big win for him and the team.


Heavy- pretty typical heavyweight match. Scores were on escapes and Capone beingmthe skilled rider he is was able to ride out the entire 3rd period for the RT and the win.

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