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Gross vs. Brock      Gross wins 6-4

Bannister vs. M. Jordan

Mueller vs. Dance    Dance wins 11-3

Oliver vs. Mayes      Mayes wins 11-4

Brucki vs. Wisman      Brucki wins 8-3

Heffernan vs. Lavallee      Lavallee wins 3-1 SV

Fleetwood vs. McGhee       Fleetwood wins 4-2 SV

Schram vs. Naser 

Butler vs. Hall        Butler wins 4-2 SV2

Rotert vs. Weigel     Rotert wins 3-1 SV

Kocer vs. Crutchmer      Kocer wins 7-2

Atkinson vs. Mastriani       Mastriani wins 9-8

Engelkes vs. Brunson       Engelkes wins 6-2

Gasca vs. Zacherl        Zacherl wins 3-1

A. Valencia vs. Subjeck       Valencia wins 6-2

Cottrell vs. Mejias       Mejias wins 8-5

J. Smith vs. Johnson     J. Smith wins 3-1

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I was hoping Coach Ryan would sit 125. He needs to heal up. In his current form he is a huge hole, but he has the potential to maybe even AA if he can get his knee better and his weight back under control.


It's not like they are going to lose to Maryland.

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