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Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin

Olympic wrestlers in Ordu tournament

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14 - 15, January  held a tournament in Ordu , Turkey. In this tournament did compete Turkish stars: Mustafa Kaya, Taha Akgul, Yukup Gor, Suleyman Atli, Münir Recep AktaÅŸ and Chingiskhan Erdogan (Also knows as Opan Sat, convert to Islam). Bronze and silver medalist will be go to Yarygin tournament! 



57: 1. Suleyman Atli, 2.Nebi Yazun. 3. Sezer Akgul, Shaban Kiziltash

61: 1. Chingizkhan Ergodan (Opan Sat). 2. Redzhep Topal. 3. Mustafa Kartal, Münir Recep AktaÅŸ

65: 1. Mustafa Kaya. 2. Sefa Axsoy. 3. Moustafa Zopaly, Heydar Yavuz

70: 1. Yukup Gor. 2. Mehmet Erzenkali. 3. Muhammet Akdeniz, Zafar Dama

74: 1. Islam Kilic. 2. Ahmet Erturk. 3. Yasin Bolat, Musa Gurbuz

86: 1. Arif Ozen. 2. Serdar Boke. 3. Mahmut Ozkaya, fatih Erding 

97: 1. Faruk Akoyun. 2. Muren Mutlu. 3. Baky Sahin, Yunus Emre-dede

125: 1. Taha Akgul. 2. Riza Yldyrym. 3. Ferhat Binici, Salim Erkan

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