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First half thoughts on Iowa-PSU

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125: Gritty, tough match by both guys, but I felt like Mega outwrestled McDonough here.


133: Ramos with the exclamation point and a HUGE help to his team. Conaway had no shot here.


141: Ballweg got through Pearsall's early attempt to "Patacsil" him from neutral and put a beatdown on him.


149: Alton won and put up big numbers, but looked like a walker from "Walking Dead" by the end. THe gas tank is a legit issue.


157: Another tough, close match, but I felt that DSJ was just a bit better as of now. ALton managed to get in on a shot and finish quickly, which is obviously a recipe for success against anyone, but especially someone like St. John. Looked like St. John thought his leg was clear and didn't defend like he normally would.


Really exciting first half, looking forward to the second. Brown vs. Evans is the match I've been looking forward to the most, should be an out and out brawl.

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