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PSU vs. Wisconsin Over/Under Bets

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  • This match will be at Wisconsin
  • Wrestlestat has Penn State winning 25-10.
  • They have UW winning 133, 165 (6-3 for IsaacJo) and Hwt (8-1 for Medberry). The combined spread for UW at 165 and Hwt is 14-4, or 10 points.
  • They also have Zain and Bo winning by Major while they have Nolf winning by TF, so 13 combined team points for the PSU Big 3.
  • Finally, they have Suriano and Hall winning by DEC, so 6 team points there.


Prop Bet A) The first over under involves Penn State's total team points vs. Wisconsin. I am setting the line at 29.5 

Prop Bet B) I am setting the line for the PSU Big 3 at 15.5 combined team points

Prop Bet C) I am setting the line for Suriano and Hall at 7.5 combined team points


Special Prop Bet D) I am setting the individual point spread for 165 and Hwt. at half the margin given by wrestlestat, or 5 pts. You can win this prop bet by calling the correct side of the bet OR by calling it on the number. If you call the over you can win if UW wins one weight by DEC of 5 or less points + a FALL, or if they win both by DEC and the total spread is 5 or more points. If you call the Under you can win if the two PSU wrestlers are within 5 individual points combined OR if either wrestler wins. 


Good luck.

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Turns out UW is sending Jimenez and Ruschell to an Open Tourney to get their match numbers up, so I have reset the over unders. Prop Bet A was increased by 3 points, Prop Bet B by 2 points, and Prop Bet C by 1 point. 


My own picks are:


A) Over

B) Over

C) Over

D) Under

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0-0 after 1


Cenzo escaped in 3 seconds, 1-0 after 2


Joseph got a TD and led 4-2, then Isaac got a reversal with 1 second remaining. On to OT now. Probably should have cut him with 10 seconds remaining.


Jordan gets the TD in OT and wins 6-4. 

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