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Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin

Yarygin GP steam

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The most impressive thing to me about Snyder's performance was his ability to adapt mid-match. It was clear to me that the Russians have been studying Snyder. When he went to hit one of his two go-to moves (ankle pick, the other being a low single), the Russian responded immediately, even before Snyder could get low enough to actually pick the ankle, by throwing the collar tie by. Beautiful technique right into a gut. 


Snyder then adjusted by switching to a high single without touching his knees to the mat, which kept him in position the whole time and was the perfect antidote to the Russian's throwby scoring twice with it. This is not a move he hits regularly, and I was surprised that he was able to adjust so quickly and hit it twice in a row against such high level competition. The kid is definitely not a one or even two trick pony.

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