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Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin

IRAN lineup announced for Wolrd Cup!

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57: Hassan Rahimi (WC 2013), Younes Sarmasti (JWC 2013, 3rd AC)

61: Masoud Ehsanpour (WC 2103 bronze)  and Esmaeilpour (WC 2014 silver)

65: Meysami Nasiri (World cup 2014)Mohammad Mehdi Yeganeh Jafari  (Takhti cup 2014, bronze)

70: Mostofa Hosseinkhani (WC 2016 bronze) maybe  Jamal Hadi Ebadi or Rashidi

74: Bahman Teymouri (takhti cup 2015 bronze) and Peyman Yarahmadi (Takhti cup 2015)

86: Hassan Yazdani (Olympics 2016), Alireza Karimi (WC 2015 bornze)

97: Amir Mohammadi (World cup 2016), Hossein Lotfali Shahbazigazvar....daaamn what a name! (JWC 2016 champ)

125: Komeil Ghasemi (2012 Olympics bronze, 2016 Olympics silver), Yadollah Mohebi (Dan Kolov & Nikola Petrov international 2015 bronze) 


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