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why is everyone on the board talking like we learned something that we didnt know from last night's dual? the dual went to chalk. psu needed to win 125, 157, or 174 to win the dual. 285 was thought to be a match they might be in because of telford's struggles.


125: nico needs to kick away rather than turn back in and complain about stalling. tough to get a stalemate and two stall calls in 30 seconds. by turning back into mcdonough he just delays any call that would be coming. i thought there were two match-ups coming into the year that nico couldnt win; delgado and mcdonough. i would pick him in both matches next time they wrestle. delgado's first td in the all-star is how i thought that match would go. after that first td nico controlled the ties and dominated the action ultimately winning on a close td. i didnt think nico could score on mcdonough and twice was a fingernail away last night. i think he wins that next math-up.


157: alton cant let that match get away. seemed too tired to get his arm back through and square up.


174: thought for sure brown was going to get the td. once evans changed the situation it was way too easy for evans. brown does not scramble well and couldnt adjust to the change in position.


three chances to win the dual and iowa outfought them in everyone. it was confirmed that iowa won a dual they were favored in.

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