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Anyone notice DT props to Ramos?

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And Ramos - coming off an AA at this same weight - going with McDonough in practice probably everyday under the tutelage of the Brands' brothers means he hit his peak 2 years ago, too.


Do Ramos & McD practice together? I thought McD went w. Clark and the Omaha Skutt kid.


As for Ramos, I thought I saw him warming up for the PSU dual with Metcalf, courtesy of Flo:


http://www.flowrestling.org/coverage/25 ... -weigh-ins


Anyone have anything to add?

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Jmhanft- Dake beats Taylor because he is smart, skilled and IMHO the best athlete currently wrestling in NCAA. Maybe 2nd best behind Ruth, maybe Ruth is most athletic with Dake a close 2nd. Dake also wrestles Taylor within the limits that the officials will allow, which is smart. Taylor likes to score and I am sure he gets frustrated in close matches where Dake is comfortable in that situation.

Maybe Taylor should "train" by having a few 2-1 ot matches, maybe he has already started today by almost getting pinned !


I am a Dake fan for sure, but I have a hard time saying he is a close second to Ruth in athletic ability. I am not sure I could name 5 wrestlers that have the same natural athletic ability out there in the last 25 years of college wrestling as Ruth. When it comes to athletic ability Ruth is on another level, IMO. If you listened to the announcers during the PSU/IA dual, you'd know what I am talking about.

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